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100,000 Muslims defy police and lockdown order to attend Islamic leader's funeral in Bangladesh

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Mourners who attended a massive funeral in Bangladesh should consider themselves fortunate not to be holding their own in the near future.

The death of Islamist party leader Maulana Jubayer Ahmad Ansari inspired more than 100,000 followers to ignore their government’s quarantine orders and gather en masse Saturday, according to Vice.

Law enforcement officials were unable to dissuade the crowd that congregated 50 miles outside the capital city of Dhaka, which has a population larger than that of New York City.

Authorities afterwards put surrounding villages on lockdown with hopes of preventing the coronavirus of spreading beyond whomever might have contracted it during the ill-advised memorial.

The known infection rate among Bangladesh’s 160 million person population is relatively low, according to Johns Hopkins University, which confirms only 3,000 cases and 101 deaths. There are reportedly concerns that those modest statistics do not accurately reflect the nation’s infection rate, particularly in communities underserved by health care services.