Imagine the outcry if a Mosque was hit by graffiti like this after a Muslim Jihadi terror attack.
Pro-Communist-China WHO chief goes on bizarre rant against Taiwan and implicitly President Trump

Facebook doesn't have the time to "prioritise" looking at a post inciting murder post Pell acquittal


Just in from Garry:

Finally got a piss poor reply from facebook. 'Thanks for your report. We intend to do SFA." Sums up their attitude. Seems that it is OK for vile, hateful, threatening, incitement and violent content on Facebook so long as it is from left anti Christian groups. FB's solution is that you can block the page. Really!!! I am sure it would be a little different if the complaint was from a different group. Double standard is their only standard they have.


That's simply not a credible response.

Facebook is the publisher.

It's now had the matter drawn to its attention, it's considered it and it's given it the all clear.

That compounds Facebook's culpability.

Thanks again Garry and Wendy for bringing it to our attention.



Thanks to Garry and Wendy Goldsworthy who wrote to me earlier today:

G'day Michael. Just had a message sent through to us from our daughter. She was quite upset by this image that is being forwarded around FB. Our world has a serious virus and it's not covid.
These people are sick.

Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 10.24.20 am

A short time ago I received this follow up:

So much for FB standards for violence. Obviously it depends on which side of an argument you are on that determines who is banned and who gets to post. This is just evil. It almost encouraging some idiot, especially considering the stalking that is being conducted on Cardinal Pell.
Our daughter raised it as an issue with FB. As I was typing the previous message she forwarded the response she just received from them. Pathetic. 
Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 10.25.21 am