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"Psychotic bully" Ray Hadley uses his radio show to further bully ex staff member he denies bullying

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This from the Sydney Morning Herald, 14 December 2013.

Macquarie Radio Network executive chairman Russell Tate accused his star radio announcer Ray Hadley of being a "psychotic bully".

In proceedings brought by Mr Palmer, the NSW District Court has also heard that Mr Hadley, who is one of Sydney's top rating radio announcers, told Mr Palmer on February 7 that "I'll tell you f--king what, and this is not leaving this office, if you repeat it, I'll f--king deny it," in an expletive-laden tirade recorded by Mr Palmer.

The evidence was aired during a November 29 preliminary hearing, where Mr Palmer's lawyers sought an order for Mr Hadley to explain why he failed to provide relevant material sought by subpoena. Mr Hadley's solicitor Justine Munsie was cross-examined. Mr Palmer is suing Mr Hadley alleging intentional infliction of emotional harm, assault, false imprisonment and negligence. Mr Hadley has denied the claims.


Ray says it's all false ... all 90 plus detailed and documented accusations. 

He also, once again, reaches for the "it wasn't just me" (we all did it) defence.
Ray continues to respect the legal process and not commenting by hammering his accuser on air for 3 minutes. 
If it was all false - what did Ray apologise for?