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ABC fave Rudd says Morrison's call to investigate Coronavirus origins is "Nationalistic Grandstanding"

What is wrong with Rudd?

He acts like he's in a 2007 election campaign groundhog day, where he's gotta be constantly in the media sticking it to the Liberal Party.

There's not a lot of constructive contributions coming from him, just a spew of impotent, after the event naysaying combined with name-calling like "Scotty From Marketing".

It's not very dignified Kevin.

Maybe someone with a spare fishing rod could donate it to the poor old bugger.  

And Meals on Wheels is always looking for drivers - just sayin'!

Here's Rudd yesterday saying it's imperative that we get to the truth about how the Chinese Coronavirus started and spread.  

When Rudd says it, it's apparently a good idea.

Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 9.15.54 am

But when Scott Morrison says much the same thing, it's nationalistic grandstanding.

Be nice if the taxpayer funded former PM started acting to advance Australia rather than his mates in the Chinese Communist Party.

Of course the ABC lapped it all up, getting Rudd on the TV this morning to restate his useless, armchair critique which boils down to Liberal/Morrison bad.