Reporter who stood up to Shorten in election campaign gets new gig with Sky News
Tucker Carlson brilliant on the US dichotomy


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Australia once tested everyone for TB. In the "70s the Government announced Australia was TB free.

In comes Goof Whitless and his little mafia mate to announce a multi-cultural policy for Australia's once homogenous society. So many are let in without any quarantine tests being done that TB is becoming rampant once again. The big worry is that TB is now resistant to most Antibiotics. Perhaps the Medical authorities are using the China Flu as a smokescreen to cover for this? I wonder what the annual death rate for TB is in Australia!

Up The Workers!

I'd be interested to know the circumstances of the victim.

Is this a shipping company employee from a country which has not yet become T.B. free, or is it a case of Australia's complacency letting this killer disease get a new foothold?

If it is the former, maybe Australia can do something to assist the removal of that disease in that country.

If it is the latter, we may have to go back to a testing regime for all Australian citizens again.

On the other hand, could the victim be yet another little top secret "surprise" from Commo Dodgy Dan's Uncle Xi, under the poisonous "Bat Soup and Toad Initiative" from the Wuhan Wet-Market and Chemical Weapons Facility that we are not allowed to know anything about?


Doubtful John

Cripes. What are they going to get for Christmas? Leukaemia?

Wayne Shaft

TB Quite Prevalent In The Western Suburbs Of Sydney ......✍️


There was a big issue some years back with PNG Nationals with multi-drug resistant TB making their way to Thursday Island group clinics (they could easily row to Saibai Island) and getting hospitalised on the mainland, taking up all the isolation rooms in the regional hospital. It did result in action being taken to halt the influx.

Julie of Geelong

Oh yes, just another “little” disease to hit Australia’s shore.


Julie of Geelong

You would not get me on a cruise if my life depended on it!!!


This was predicted,

seeker of truth



Interesting that MPS has censored your last comments so I looked up the symptoms of TB and they are very similar to Covid19.

Wayne Shaft

Used To Be Black And White TB Now It’s Mutated Into Coloured TB .....😕

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