I've been too unwell to post anything the past couple of days
Chinese threat to Australian economy!

Back on deck.

Last Monday I woke up with a temperature around 39 degrees C.

It stayed there for just on a week.

In February I left the Thai island I'd been living on and arrived on a small Indonesian island, expecting to stay for a couple of weeks while arranging a new Visa.   Then Coronavirus intervened and this Indonesian island went into lockdown.

The Indonesian authorities have automatically extended Visa permits to stay for foreigners like me, but we are subject to Indonesian laws, including a prohibition on movement off the island.

There's a small medical clinic, but no Coronavirus testing - and no certain evidence of any Coronavirus outbreak here.  There's also no dentist - and my problem of the past week has involved an uncertain combination of something that may have originated in Wuhan and something that definitely originated under a crook molar.

A combination of Azythromicin and in the past couple of days Amoxicillin seems to have fixed me up for now.

There has been a 3rd constant background factor that's been slowly but surely grinding me down.


About 300 metres from where I'm staying the locals have erected a 5 storey Minaret equipped with a sound system that would do AC/DC proud.

And during Ramadan, it blasts all night long until 3AM when the faithful are called to eat their final meal before commencing their 4AM to 7PM fast. 

I haven't had a proper night's sleep for several weeks now.  

I don't recommend it.

If anyone near you thinks it might be a good idea to give the loudspeakers at the Mosque a run, let them know it's not such a bright idea.