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"Japs Gone - Extract Digit" - Allied POWs sign on roof of Japanese camp liberated 75 years ago

Clementine Ford & Catherine Deveny among 12 pages of City of Melbourne COVID-19 arts grants

City of Melbourne ratepayers may be pleased (or not) to know that their rates will be spent funding the following 12 pages of special arts grants made because of the Chinese Coronavirus.

Covid 19 Arts Grant Recipie... by Michael Smith on Scribd


Astute readers will note that grant recipients include Catherine Deveney.............


Twitter comments controversy (from Wikipedia)

In May 2010, a similar controversy arose when Deveny posted a number of Twitter comments during the Logies Awards ceremony. Deveny's comments caused controversy as they were in relation to public figures, such as the then 11-year-old Bindi Irwin ("I do so hope Bindi Irwin gets laid"); Rove McManus and wife Tasma Walton ("Rove and Tasma look so cute ... hope she doesn't die, too"—Rove's first wife Belinda Emmett died after being diagnosed with breast cancer). The Age fired Deveny two days after the event and a "Twitter ban" was consequently enforced during the 2011 Logies Awards event.

Criticism of Anzac Day

In April 2018, Deveny was criticized after making comments on Twitter in regard to Anzac Day and the armed forces, having made similar Anzac Day posts in previous years. Deveny posted a number of messages on Twitter and Facebook, criticising the day as an institution as well as those who follow the event. She referred to the event as "Bogan Halloween", and described it as "a Trojan horse for racism, sexism, toxic masculinity, violence, homophobia and discrimination". Deveny received online threats of rape and violence as a result of her comments. The Australian Defence Force Association, the Union for the Defence Force in Australia, said that she was being deliberately provocative. Deveny referred to veterans as "ignorant and uneducated", and argued that the Australian Defence Forces should not use the term "to serve", and that it was no more dangerous than many other professions, including emergency services officers, farmers, arborists and mental health workers. This comparison was criticised in the media, it was argued that the defence forces are a more dangerous profession than the examples she had given.

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.....and Clementine Ford who gets funded to write (and later sell) a book she was going to write anyway.
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Stress alleviation?

Thank you Melbourne ratepayers (presumably the men ones too).

Not that you had any say in it.