Behind schedule & way over budget, but taxpayers have funded bonuses for French submarine builder
NSW Lib Andrew Constance pulls out of Eden-Monaro race - just 22 hours after announcing he'd run

Defence Minister Reynolds says submarines project "remains on track"!

Last Saturday, Defence Minister Reynolds released this statement.

Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 9.26.32 am

Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 9.26.47 am

Then on Monday - this.

Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 9.08.34 am

The estimated cost of Australia’s future submarine program has hit nearly $90bn — a rise of nearly $10bn in just five months.

The forecast is a massive 12 per cent increase on the $80bn figure disclosed by Defence in November, and it doesn’t include the whole-of-life cost of about $145bn of sustaining the boats.

The cost jump, at least 12 years out from the delivery of the first submarines, comes amid calls for an urgent boost in the nation’s firepower to counter an increasingly assertive China.


On track to meet its major milestones Minister?

Don't financial measures count?

We should admit the error made by Turnbull et al, cut our losses and get out of this contract.


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Two dopey women Lina Reynolds and Florence Parley, her French counterpart, so what can you expect? A smart woman Peta Credlin reckons the cost will be $200 billion. Another disaster unfolding before our eyes.


Utter insanity...cut our losses and walk away.


HEAR! HEAR! Agree 100%. Cut our losses. Ditch ‘em.


America's Seawolf-Class nuclear-powered submarine. Silent as a ghost and the best in the world.
We've asked the French to redesign their second-rate nuclear subs to noisy inefficient diesel. Go figure!!!
We might get these already outdated pieces of rubbish in 20 years (at best).
Our government is forcing a financially crippling defense disaster upon us, that originated from Turnbull corruptly trying to save Christopher Pyne's Liberal seat.
Our next enemy in conflict will probably be China. Our allay in that conflict will be America.
It certainly won't be France.
We should be buying American nuclear-powered submarines that are proven and work.


Hear hear to that Glenn.
It's always been a hoax from the start, wondering why France??
It's just been one disaster after another with Malcontent Turdbull.
They really take us for fools don't they?

Wayne Shaft

Foreign Payne ..Defence Reynolds ....Absolutely Flatelous ....💨💨😐😐

Political speedbump

Another public servant appointed by Gender over merit by another gender based Public servant rathet than Merit ...then we get this rampant stupidity ,Public servants are trained to lie we all know that ! ,if that doesnt work deny deny deny . The only "milestones" achieved was the orchestrated release of this Public servant bullshit to hide their lack of talent ,and booking the next special haircut at the cut price Public Servant only Salon.

Its been the case for years now,we are no longer the "lucky" country" we are the dumbarse Country run by bewildered selfserving Public Servants all protecting each others huge arses .

Wayne Shaft

Lina And Flow .....As Taxpayers Just Call Us F .... D ....😒😒😒

Wayne Shaft

Are Their ANY CORONA ...Submarines That Run 🏃‍♂️ On Bullshit And Hysteria..😳


It would be cheaper (and probably more effective) to just drop big pallets of cash on the enemies head.

Bob in Castlemaine

Wonder if the sub project employs any Climate Change Risk Management staff?
To be fair Linda Reynolds inherited the Ghost's great unicorn breading enterprise so she shouldn't be blamed for it, but one would hope that Australia's WuFlu straitened circumstances might provide enough leverage to enable her to terminate it.
After all the French helped the Chinese build the would-be high security Wuhan biological laboratory from which the Wuhan Virus escaped, so can we expected them to do any better building pig-in-a-poke, obsolete technology submarines.


To the best of my knowledge and belief, American legislation prohibits the sale of those submarines, and does Australia have the support base for nuclear submarines?


Bob Brown wanted a 'one world parliament' to rule over us all. Well stage 1 looks to be complete with alp/lnp/greens uniparty sending this country down the toilet as quick as they can. Madcap 'green' schemes like snowy 2.0, borrowing money that will never be repaid, selling us out to communist regimes who then send their operatives to pillage community medical and supermarket supplies, the list is endless.


Which track is it on? There's a track winding back to an old familiar shack along the road to the Cayman isles.


This project is absolute bloody madness. Hell, we can buy superior craft for a fraction of the cost with minimal lead times from Japan, Germany or the US.


Who the hell is Reynolds?......another parliamentary secretary promoted way above her intelligence and capability?

What do she and Florence discuss....hairstyles?.....because I doubt they know anything about subs!

Seems Australia's defence capability is not high on Morrison's list......first Payne and now what appears to be her short fat clone!


If I can use a military analogy most non-military people would understand, sending our sailors out to fight a war in this heath Robinson abomination TODAY, let alone in thirty years time, when it may - stress MAY - be delivered is the equivalent of sending a division of troops 'over the top' in World War One armed with bows and arrows.

If we ever go to war, the first time any one of them approaches the surface to 'snort' (to re-charge its batteries) [about three to five days after leaving port], it will be sunk by enemy forces who will be lying in wait for it because they will KNOW it has todo so to continue operating.

If they're based in Perth and have to head north, they all be joining HMAS Sydney, which was lost in 1941 with all hands very near the same area an enemy will know the submarines will be when first forced to snort.
End of story.

nancy white

I’m not pulling out yet, but I doubt if I will be voting for the Libs is they go ahead with this.


Minister in charge of something they have no nothing about and never will parroting crap. Morrison will do nothing as usual. carry on where Turnbull left off like withwevything. By the time we see any of the useless backward kick start subs, we will have our asses kicked if the yanks don't save us. The world cannot afford to have China take over the richest deposits of minarels coal, gold you name it we got it in the world. They wont fck around like we do. As for the greenies, they will be disposed of.


If Congress approves the sale it can go ahead and given our security relationship and history with America I'm sure it would be in their favour.
The support base for the subs would come a lot quicker than any french, diesel submarines.

Stan M

Will the last one to leave Australia please turn out the lights as we are now destitute.


Michael, you are absolutely right. There's no Christopher Pyne to prop up anymore, not that he was worth propping up.

Cut our losses and buy off the shelf from our good friends, the USA.

Another Ian

What track and to where?


At the coal face, we know they're going to be expensive duds. The Soryu's were what we wanted, or failing that, going nuclear with the Virginia class. Pyne and Turdbull's Le Suck class submarines will set a new benchmark in defence procurement folly, hands down beating the Kanimbla and Manoora purchase, the Super Sea Sprite and the Tiger helo fiasco's.

Bikinis not Burkas

Forget the polluting diesel, to tackle climate change our subs must be solar powered!

sarc OFF.


ZK, once you were correct. But I understand from someone in Canberra who would know that, when the selection process for the Collins replacement was first touted, the Americans quietly let it be known that they would make an exception in Australia’s case. It has always been the US Navy which was the main force behind refusing to sell US nukes to other countries, but. Given that Perth has almost become a de facto USN submarine base (as it was in WW2), they’ve backed down. It’s our clowns in Canberra who’ve failed to take advantage of this radical change.

Clive Hoskin

I really can't believe that these people are that stupid.And what makes it worse.They think we are as stupid as them.WE ARE NOT.And we have long memories.

Clive Hoskin

That should have been our first choice.I never in a million years would have even LOOKED at the French.The only thing that they have perfected was SURRENDERING.

Clive Hoskin

And don't forget the"Collins Class"subs.By the by,are any of them still floating?


CB, I thought it was Magda at first sight !!!

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