Simpler times. Hard to believe we lived and worked like this.


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So the rioters in Hong Kong should be condemned as well????

Doubtful John

I have reflected on the situation at home. I've concluded that Richard Di Natale is fostering hatred.
Di Natale No Peace! Di Natale No Peace! Di Natale No Peace!

Over It

Well he would wouldn't he? What a dick!


Wow, is Natale having a go at our state leaders for locking us up? I hope he is not advocating rioting and destruction of property in protest.

Julie of Geelong

I agree with them protesting. But, I do not condone the vandalism, or the looting that is going on!!!!

Julie of Geelong

What “situation at home” is he talking about?

Steve J

Good to see he is expressing support for those businesses experiencing the oppression of looting by a largely black mob.
I have reflected on the situation at home.
Never have so many given so much to so few who have literally pissed it up against the wall.
Is that close?


It's not protesting racism. There are peaceful ways just as effective.
This is anarchism. A chance to do violence for the sake of doing violence.
Di Natale is another moron promoting anarchism.


Such a moron , he knows dam well this is a Marxist Soros funded ploy .

Nancy White

😢😢 that is so very sad.

Fascinated Observer

Trying to instigate similar behaviour from his rent a mob mates here is he?

Marshmallow gloves need to be left in the Hurt Feelings safe space to stop this crap!


He knows he lying to us all. He knows it not about the dead man, it about the
Communofascists that is Antifa. Antifa is using black Americans - this using of someone because of their colour is Racism. Antifa is Racist, they want to keep black people as forever victims.
It is the Bigotry of Low Expectations, because if they lift them up, they cannot use them. They are just using them as their slaves.
Antifa - wet market sewer rats.


Reading theses comments makes me almost hope the Chinese take over, they use traitors like this and expeditiously remove them plus to requirements.

Political speedbump

Onya Richard , No doubt George Soros will be sending you a showbag of Clinton goodies for the thumbs up to his Anti Trump/anti Democracy campaign and your Getup Rent-a-crowd cronies are so embarrassingly obvious ,Mother Gillard would be so proud of you .


Exactly the sort of comment I'd expect from the dickhead.

Steve K

So is he supporting the lawlessness, the looting, the burning of people's property, the wanton destruction, the attacks on the police, etc, etc, being perpetrated by the protestors?? And is he also advocating for the same thing here as well (by his second statement)??


No comment on the insurrection that is taking place simultaneously under the cover of the "protests"?

What an arsehole.


What a wanker.

Michelle Two

Q linked to the riots in Chicago ..
The song the night Chicago died came to mind ...

Paper Lace
From 1974. *LYRICS EXPLAINED... from an interview with songwriter Mitch Murray:
"I'd like to start by thanking your contributors for so many flattering comments regarding 'The Night Chicago Died.' As co-writer of this song, I feel qualified to settle some of the questions posed by those comments. My writing partner, Peter Callander, and I are both British and it's true, we'd never been to Chicago at the time we wrote the song - many other parts of the USA, but not Chicago.
Having been brought up on a tasty diet of American gangster movies, the term 'East Side' usually meant the seamy side of a city. Of course, looking back, it was used about New York, not Chicago. We (actually, I mostly blame Peter because he had the last words on lyrics while I had the last word on the tunes) were obviously a little careless with our research, as we were when we wrote about Al Capone fighting the 'forces of the law' - I really don't think that ever happened; apparently, the cops were nearly all on Capone's payroll.
The song was certainly a work of fiction, and as such, perhaps we should have used fictional gangster names. Still, it's hard to have regrets when your song is #1 in the USA.
Just to put the record straight, Paper Lace was the excellent group who recorded our song, but had nothing to do with the writing - that was our department, as was production of the record. Thank you all, once again, for your interest in 'The Night Chicago Died' Mitch Murray, London, England


Not a word from our MSM regarding this poor business owner trying to defend his livelyhood. Is this what you are supporting Richard Di Natale?

seeker of truth

The Police Departments in the major cities of the USA are funded by the City Council (ie local government) and not the Federal Government nor the State Government.

Here is a list of the current mayors of the top 100 cities in the United States. The majority of the large city councils are controlled by the Democrats. It has been so for a number of years, with 60% plus Democrat mayors, under 30% Republican mayors and the other small percentage is made up of independents.

Now if police brutality is happening in Minneapolis, Chicago, LA, Oakland, Atlanta Houston, Baltimore, Dallas and so on and has been happening over several years, it is and has been happening under the watch of Democrat majority councils and not Republican councils. If there is an ineffective police department with racists overtones then the Democrats should look to their own as the cause of the problem. It is not Donald Trumps' doing.

Those who live in these major cities know it.

These riots and so called protests are an excuse to get back at a legally elected President of the USA because he is not a Democrat. If protesters and rioters have a problem, they should look to their own City Hall as the cause. Innocent businesses should not have to pay the price of their hatred towards Donald Trump.


They're not protesting, they're destroying property, endangering lives and looting.


I do. I think the people of Hong Kong are being led by the nose by people who take money from the NED (National Endowment for Democracy: a CIA off-books pot stirrer) to generate anger and unrest in China on behalf of the US and its various puppets. The whole Arab Spring fraud was built around this same process.


Minneapolis' Chief of Police is African-American...

Liz of Vic

Very close!

Not on the Left

The scum is really coming to the fore, with their support for, and condoning of anarchy, violence and looting.

Not on the Left

Apples and oranges.


Off you go, then Richard - I'm sure they'll just be so glad to see you!


Does anyone remember any riots when the Australian lady was shot by the Somali cop, in the same city?

Tony H

It’s hardly the same situation at all! If you even half believe that you are a complete moron! The people of Hong Kong are fighting to maintain their freedoms. This outrage being perpetrated in the US is supposed to be because a black man was killed by a white Police Officer! Then please explain why we have mostly black businesses and households being attacked and ransacked! Bus loads of activists are being shipped into these areas, now pray tell who has the wherewithal for that? Yes Antifa, a fully funded and controlled Soros agency! Trying to cause dissection to bring down Trump! But just like all the other concocted failures, this to will fail.


Another one liner spouted by our leaders and media.
Autralia is in a crisis due to Covid19
Covid19 will result in 150,000 deaths in Australia.
Rising sea levels will sink Sydney Harbour by year 2000.

Fake News.


As close as it can get. I'm working my arse off paying a fortune in tax every week so dole bludgers can get double their hand out. What's wrong with this picture?


You nailed it!


C’mon Julie, please have a good read of reports concerning the incident, from my understanding he was a criminal, resisted arrest, had a number of health problems, died before ambos arrived, claimed couldn’t breathe.... yet was able to speak...can u speak underwater with mouthful of marbles? Doubt it!

Michelle Two

When Soros calls for a free for all, he isn't joking around..
Target is no more at least in Australia ..



Michelle Two

"Call the ball" is about logistics and communications..
If you’ve ever had the opportunity to listen to the succinct communication between carrier operations and the aircraft in flight, it’s quite an experience. When a fighter jet is on approach and “in the groove” (i.e., 15-18 seconds to touchdown) to an aircraft carrier the Landing Signal Officer (LSO) onboard will say to the approaching aircraft, “Call the ball.”

He is asking for a couple of things, but primarily if the pilot can see the round orange "meatball" on the Optical Landing System (OLS). If he cannot see the ball for whatever reason, the pilot will transmit, “Clara.” This tells the LSO that the pilot is not receiving optical glide slope information, a situation that must be corrected by the pilot or LSO quickly. Otherwise, a wave-off is required, which equates to additional cost incurred in fuel, time, planning and even potential safety concerns.


2 Doubtful John,

Is typical of most "Greens"/Reds.. & Di Natale & his most miserable band of
outright Traitors to this Country & to basic Decency everywhere & that He is
a complete Jerk!

& As for his supporters who condone this outright criminal violence, with
these looters & pillagers; just surely leaves you have to have to conclusion that they form & are The very worst & lowest form of Humanity will stand
condemned by most decent & sensible & law abiding People everywhere (forever)

This "Creep" & his evil Brainless cohorts are a blight on this Country & it would be a far different case if He & "They" were subjected to the very same form of violence !

Richard The Tr...d..alright ! & it is clear that incredibly stupid vile & unthinking People; Vote & Elect some of the very worst Types who are the absolute dregs of Society & of "Politicians" that we now unfortunately have to suffer under.


Reflecting on the situation in Australia, it is a crime here to incite violence.


Showing his true colours
Inciting violence
And people actually voted him in

Les Brown

Besides having two appendages "dickie boy" needs to be lockedup. Now.


Is de Natale still around? The Greens total silence during the lockdown not supporting Australians doing it tough tells it all. Give them violence, shouting, shoving, destruction and demonstrations and they will be the ones front and centre with the microphone telling everyone it's a peaceful gathering and everyone else is the aggressor.


Fox News contributor Dan Bongino with some very pertinent comments on what is behind the rioting, on Hollywood and on Democrat mayors who aren't dealing with the rioting:

""Dan Bongino reacts to violent riots across the country: 'This isn't a protest anymore, this is a coup'""

He covers all the things that we all know to be true.


Put this Di Natale dick on a terrorism watch list.


Hes indicating hes happy to see the place burning. When we had the bush fires here it was ex PM Abbott who helped put our fires out. And the greens hate him. If you were a true Green who cared about the environment you'd roll up your sleeves and lend a hand. The Greens are nothing but a political movement using the environment to advance their Marxist causes.They also support Palestine terrorists organisation Hezbollah. Maybe the laws they champion about racial vilification need to be used on the Greens? As they are clearly inciting race violence and hatred with these comments.


Trump has made Antifa a terrorist group. Interesting to see outcomes as Biden has donated to these groups .
I went to Jordan Peterson in Melbourne and ANTiFA mob were thereso huge police prescenceincluding mounted, and security like airport . Friend went to Milo’s talk here and the crowd was frightening they had to keep venue secret to last minute. so hope they get banned here . This is who Bandt is supporting


He needs to be committed. We do not condone lawlessness therefore he is not representing us.


It is the old story, the looters and rioters have little to lose. It is the law abiding citizens who pay in the long run. Pay through their local state and federal taxes, loss of their businesses, incomes, incinerated vehicles and homes (apartments, flats etc). Anarchy gone mad.

Sage Observer of Bathurst

Reflect on this Di Natale - An astute observation from a US website:=
‘Doesn't the black community know this is why people are tired? People don’t seem to understand just how tired whites are with race issues. They don’t understand that white people aren’t out to get black people; they are just exhausted with them. They are exhausted by the social pathologies, the violence, the endless complaints, and the blind racial solidarity, the entitlement mentality, the bottomless pit of grievances, the never ending excuses, the wasting of trillions on continuous failing programs, and the reflexive animosity towards others increasingly reflected by unchecked looting & arson.’

This was written about the current problems in American Society, but it could just as well reflect our situation in Australia. If much of the MSM (especially the ABC & the Greens) continue pushing their agenda of not only accusing Australia of being a racist society, but also traducing our numerous positive historical & societal achievements, then our Indigenous bro’s can kiss ‘goodbye’ to any meaningful reconciliation being progressed by referendum any time soon. This reaction will become inevitable as an increasing number of Australians reflect the sentiment 'there ain't no pleasing you! '
Let's face reality, if Australia is as bad as the ABC and their cohort of divisive activists claim, why do we remain the most popular destination for migrants seeking a better life.

Julie of Geelong

I think that’s what I said!!!


Seven and a half Million people in Hong Kong PB(does it stand for Pea Brain)how much was each paid and for how long?


Like I said, a wanker.


But on the dark side history has shown that it goes hand in hand aided by the media and f#4wits like Di Natale

seeker of truth

The Greens, especially the Victorian Greens, are in cahoots with the Anitfa movement. Last year they endorsed mass civil disobedience by the Antifa movement when they were to blockade an international mining conference in Melbourne.


The Greens and their supporters should be designated as Terrorists.


Hi John,

I did actually have a good read.

The part of extreme interest is that the police in question looked for a pulse and openly stated that they couldn't find one... THEN REMAINED ON HIS NECK for another two and a half minutes.

Matthew Wall

I think he might get on well with Omar. He'll give up the boys and she'll give up her brother.


Who votes for these cretins .

Greg Clancy

One of the four foundation principles of the Greens is "Peace & Non-Violence" - what a joke. Richard di Natale is consumed by hate and he encourages violence whenever it can be used in an extreme leftist cause. Hypocrite.

Liz of Vic


It may be an idea for Di Natale to move to the States, if he likes this type of stuff, then at least we are rid of him, what an idiot!


Tired because groups brainwashed into the Bigotry of Low Expectations. Look to Africa. Their "leaders" and warlords and the Western "charities" keep the Knee on the Neck of the people so they cannot rise to better living standard. Why do so many Africans risk life to go to the West - because they know there is better living standards. The Left ... gotta keep the Knee on the Neck, or their purpose (and prosperity) don't exist.


well said Sage Observer

Up The Workers!

Like Dodgy Dan, the Brown Movement likes Chinese Commos - no matter how many defenceless, innocent Australian elderly they kill.


Just wondering what happens when a black cop kills a black person of interest or even a white person of interest.

Not on the Left

Not me.

I ALWAYS put the Greens last, even if the LNP don't.


US Police Depts funded by City Councils? Could this be the problem - cost-cutting, resulting in inadequate training of Police in what is expected of them & their relations with the public?

Minneapolis State is governed by the Democrats. Yet no Democrat leader in Minneapolis has made any public statement to warn the looters & mob-leaders.

Lack of regular training courses to ensure high level of understanding of the responsibility of each & every Police Officer in law enforcement & the rights of all citizens when being arrested.

What is happening in the US is thuggery, wreckless looting, anarchy - at a time when the world is coping with China's Wuhan pandemic. Did Extinction Rebellion,George Soros, Avaaz Foundation have anything to do with the carefully organised violent gang protests across the US,which has now spread to other parts of the Western world?


The Mayors have remained silent while the thugs have gone on a wrecking, looting spree -

Peaceful protest?


Former Greens leader Richard Di Natale proves what the Greens is all about. Throughout his term in the Federal Parliament, he was voting on the introduction of laws which all citizens had to obey.

Now that Di Natale has retired on a very generous taxpayer-funded pension, this looney Green hypocrite is supporting the US law-breaking thugs/looting 'protestors'in America. Businesses & workers/employees across America & the world have suffered massive losses from the Wuhan pandemic restricts - & now the criminals in the US, under the cover of protesters, have destroyed stores/shops & caused irreparable damage.

Di Natale is the type of Greens politicians we now have sitting in our Parliaments across Australia lecturing Australians & introducing laws which all Australians are bound to obey. We should be very concerned.

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