General Flynn's lawyer speaks shortly after the case against him is withdrawn "a win for the rule of law"
The PM announces plan to open the Australian economy

LTGEN Flynn's sworn declaration that he was coerced into a false plea of guilty - including FBI threats to go after his son

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I admire General Flynn.

I can only imagine his pain and anguish as corrupt people acting with the authority of the US government dishonestly hunted him down.

I know he will regret his false plea of guilty for the rest of his life.  I understand why he entered the plea, but it was a great mistake.

Reading the general's declaration, I was taken back to my final days with 2UE.  I had a dream job, obscene salary and a wonderful lifestyle.  All I had to do to keep it was to sign a declaration agreeing not to pursue the Gillard AWU corruption story, along with a false declaration that I'd acted alone and without legal approval or management authority in broadcasting the story to that date.

As I sit here now contemplating the consequences of refusing to agree to those terms - I am so pleased that I did what I did.

In the end the truth will out.  It always does.  It has for General Flynn, it has for the false Trump/Russia collusion hoax - and it will for the dishonest thief GILLARD and her fellow conspirators in the AWU slush fund scandal.

It's natural that GILLARD, WILSON, LUDWIG and the corrupt Thiess executives who funded them want to avoid exposure of their crimes.  But it's deeply disturbing that others in Scott Morrison's government today are helping them to avoid justice.

An evil network of corrupted officials and politicians in the US is currently being exposed.  I am deeply saddened to say that a similar network operating under The Old Mates Act exists in Australia.  

It too will be exposed.

Every touch leaves its trace.


Flynn Declaration by Techno Fog on Scribd