Andrews/CFMEU Government extends State of Emergency. Of course.
Simpler times. Hard to believe we lived and worked like this.

"Mutual obligation" for the dole to return Tuesday week


Gradual return of mutual obligation requirements


Senator the Hon Michaelia CashMinister for Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business
Senator the Hon Anne RustonMinister for Families and Social Services

As steps are taken to re-open the Australian economy, mutual obligation requirements for job seekers will re-commence, in a limited capacity, from Tuesday 9 June 2020.

This follows decisions of National Cabinet to gradually remove COVID-19 restrictions and allow many businesses across the economy to re-open.

Mutual obligation requirements remain suspended until Monday 8 June 2020 to ensure job seekers and employment service providers are given time to prepare for the new arrangements.

From Tuesday 9 June 2020, job seekers will be required to undertake at least one appointment with their employment services provider, which can be done online or over the phone. During the initial period following the reintroduction of mutual obligations, suspensions and financial penalties will not apply to job seekers who do not meet this requirement.

The Government strongly encourages job seekers to maintain contact with their employment services provider at this time to ensure they are aware of opportunities available for training, upskilling or employment.

Special circumstances exemptions will continue to be available from Services Australia for job seekers who require them. Sole traders and those who are self-employed will continue to be exempted from requirements to allow them to work to re-establish their business.

Details of further changes to mutual obligation requirements will be made available in the coming weeks.


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As they should.
Paid holidays over.


QUEEN'S BIRTHDAY holiday (June 8 in Victoria at least) is the LAST of this latest gold rush era.

But is this REALLY gold rush? Sure, politicians like to use terms like haha 'mutual obligation' and 'age of entitlement is over' 'ENTITLED' do people actually feel?

Man, humans are blessed with CREATIVITY and want to 'feel worthwhile' and want 'CONNECTIONS'.

Job search activity is one of MANY ways people feel CONNECTED and less worthless. This COVID19 lockdown while necessary, was HUGE blow to mental health.

Tell you what, school kids will NEVER want a 'holiday' again for the REST of their schooling years. SCHOOL would suddenly feel a walk in the park compared to the last few months.


THIS is good youtube clip:

'Opposite of addiction is connection'....

Job search activity just one of MANY ways for people to get connected.
Without such healthy connections, a good number end up turning to the wrong crowd.

Politicians use terms like 'mutual obligation' because it wins them votes, but really, the aim is for people to get 'CONNECTED' in positive way; because without that, guaranteed, many will end up finding trouble instead.

Liz of Vic


I believe Morrison is dreaming if he thinks the Unions will settle for an agreement which does not include a rise in wages.

Michelle Two

The state and federal governments are on a collision course as there is so much conflicting information being passed on through all the bureaucratic departments..

So the Federals instructions take a while to filter through as they come from a place of darkness so they make no sense and need to be clarified by businesses before they can be passed on..

The difference between computer based models and reality are two different things, one gets fed data according to the agenda they are on, the other is based on truth and nothing ever going to the same plans as set out by someone ticking boxes in a department..

This Covid training is so funny you are given the same information in different sentences for different topics .. then you have easy questions to answer because it is the same information that has been drummed into us since the whole Wuhan Flu experience started about washing your hands, hygiene, sneezing or coughing into your elbow or tissue, etc.. so it is just all the same mantra..

You were doing these practices before Wuhan Flu and if you weren't training and practicing out of fear might of helped you, but to be immune to all diseases or virus's a bit of dirt won't hurt your soul as you build up your immunity by being exposed to germs as you can not make the world sterile, because our souls are equipped to fight of invaders within our own bodies, god gave us the equipment and it is up to personal responsibility to maintain your own body and build up your immunity, your government can not keep you safe from anything as they are not equipped to do that when the enemy is within they are the souls we need protection from..

When the government becomes the enemy of the people that is when they try to control you, and anarchy comes to the streets..

In the USA anarchy is rising its ugly head at the moment in a few states they would be your Socialist enclaves that are stirring up the masses as they have totally lost control and they fear the secrets are getting closer to being revealed and they are going to be held accountable for actions against the people.. so a bit of distraction on the streets while the darkforce seek to get a bit of control back.. too late the sky is falling in means nothing to those who are awake to the doom and gloom tales being repeated.. by those who wish to harm us..

There is a bit of a Solar Storm and flare up I read that might be the energy soul has been feeling since Friday, my lower back has been feeling it also a bit parched at the end of the week.. the magnetic grid is multidimensional and connected to the suns energy so time to ground soul again maybe.. while this passes through, you may have a bit of a struggle to get motivated or find extra energy as well while in this transition energy from dark to light as you allow it into soul .. love and light xx


But Morrison said on election night.
"I believe in Miracles"


Slightly off topic... Where is the Ghost who talks and talks about what he did when PM, but has not said a word regarding Robodebt which was in mid 2016 in the middle of his time as P.M. Surely his devout followers at the ABC must be aware of the dates.


Apparently you can only agree to the mutual agreement thingo in groups of 10

Tony Johnson

The “job saver” programme has potential issues now too.
My daughter, who is in the management team of a large club here on the Central Coast, was ringing staff to arrange shifts for opening tomorrow, when some said “I don’t want to come back as I get more money now than my regular shifts”, and yet even another said “ I can’t come tomorrow, I’m too tired” (after 8 weeks off).
Needless they have been taken off the books, so will now have to apply through Centrelink for Job Seeker.
My daughter and several of the management team took a reduction in salary, and then run 24/7 shifts to maintain the venue and it’s equipment ready for when it would reopen, so was in no mood for this type of response...

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