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Nine's radio bosses don't get radio - Exhibit One, this farewell note for Alan Jones

Nothing like a truly sincere corporate farewell email to Alan Jones, the biggest star in Australian radio. 

No fewer than four references to revenue. 

Alan saved that radio station. 

2GB was compost before he showed up. 

This was written for the bosses - not for Alan. 


From: Tom Malone 
Subject: Alan Jones

Hi all,

I wanted to take this opportunity before tomorrow’s show to thank Alan Jones for all that he has done for Nine Radio, and all it’s predecessors, over the past 35 years. Alan has been the foundation of the success of 2UE and 2GB since the late 80s, attracting a huge and loyal audience, which has driven great revenue for the different owners of the business.

The impact of this audience and revenue has been felt through the day – as Ray Hadley has so generously acknowledged – and across all aspects of the stations for which Alan has worked. Due to Alan’s audience and revenue the newsrooms of 2UE and 2GB have been well funded and staffed, other programs have enjoyed audience and commercial success – in short we’ve all been given a leg up along the way.

So many careers – on air and off air – have started off the back of the strength of the stations for which Alan has worked.

Of course we all know the impact Alan has had across business, politics and sport – helping to lead or counter national debates and policy. As a broadcaster he is without peer.

But this note is a thank you on behalf of all of us who have been given a start, or an opportunity, in radio over the past 35 years. Alan has grown the industry through audiences and revenue – and so many of us have benefitted from that, either directly or indirectly.

Alan champions small business in this country because they drive the economy and provide jobs for every day people. Alan Jones has had that same impact on radio – he’s his own one man small business - driving the radio economy forward and opening employment opportunities for thousands of people along the way.

Thank you Alan for your hard work, success and loyalty.  

Chookas for a great last show tomorrow!