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ABC 4 Corners must now report on the unravelling of their "Story of the Century" on false Trump/Russia claims

Reader Garry Goldsworthy on the significance of today's events in the USA - for Obama and friends

Australia's ABC enthusiastically reported every step on the Mueller/FBI (now discredited) pursuit of General Flynn.

Today as Flynn is exonerated and the unlawful tactics and partisan motivation of corrupt FBI and DoJ officials is exposed - the ABC is silent.

They'd do well to listen to our reader Garry Goldsworthy who writes:

Today is 'Take out the trash day in the USA.'

So much information is being dumped that it's almost impossible to keep up. So far there have been hundreds of thousands of documents released and significant judgements have been handed down.

There are a lot of liberal hacks in both politics and the media hoping that you don't notice what has happened because of the overload. They hope the 24 hour news cycle will sweep a lot under the carpet, however, no matter how hard the fake news media try there are enough people awake who won't let it happen.

The best news of the day was that today the good guys won.

The Obama-era house of cards has started to fall but this is just the tip of a huge domino effect. There will be an avalanche over the next few weeks.

To condense the most important information learned today into simple terms.

1. Justice has finally been served to Lt Gen Flynn, he was innocent of any crime and not only exonerated but free to pursue those that went after him.

2. Just released transcripts from the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence prove that there was never any evidence of Trump Russian collusion (link here).

3. And the biggest takeaway is that not only was the Obama DOJ corrupt, but the corruption went all the way to the top.

There are a number of ex officials who are now very worried, but possibly none so more than the man himself. As each card falls more and more is learned. Who needs Netflix, these idiots have provided so much free entertainment and it's time for them to pay the bill.

This is just one of hundreds of thousands of documents released today. It is proof positive that Obama was in the loop and driving the greatest miscarriage of justice in modern history. It now remains to be seen what the plotters and schemers next move will be and how vigorous their media acolytes spin to cover for them.

President Trump's use of the word 'treason' is pivotal and very discomforting for those who were guilty of the crimes that are yet to be uncovered.