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Reporter who stood up to Shorten in election campaign gets new gig with Sky News

Congratulations and well done Jonathan.

Screen Shot 2020-05-30 at 11.53.09 am

Reporter who stood up to Shorten in election campaign moved on by Peter Van Onselen’s channel 10

Jonathan Lea became an instant outsider in the Press Gallery when he stood up to Shorten. 

Today he finished up with the 10 Bureau under the leadership of hipster in chief Van Onselen. 
This was the moment: 

This email is from Ross Dagan, Ten Director of News. 


Screen Shot 2019-08-20 at 5.10.17 pm

And finally - because too many times is never enough!


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Haha. I wonder if PVO is shamed enough yet!!!
Congratulations to Jonathan Lea. We all know BS is full of BS and Jonathan highlighted that very well.

Up The Workers!

Good on him.

He has left the Leftard bum-lickers, toadies and brown-noses and will now try his hand at some REAL Journalism at Sky.

Not much scope for any Journalism at all at 10, 9, 7, the Socialist Bullshittery Service or the Australian LIARS Party Bullshittery Commissars where all the choir members sing in unison from the same daily page of the "Get-Up" song-book.

Be nice to join an outfit which still has some credibility in the community.

The Truth never hurts

Lets hope he suceeds at Sky


That's great Jonathan I will watch you on Sky, never bothered with anything on Ch 10 and so refreshing to see a journalist pinning down a weasel word Pollie despite possible repercussions. . You have prevailed.

Jeff of FNQ

Notice Ten's Ross Dagan didn't mention where he was moving on to.

Look forward to seeing him on Sky News.


Awesome, well worth following.


Ch 10 wont be employing too many people, reporters or 'stars' the way its going. Wont be surprised to see it turn into the TV equivalent of the all music radio stations like 2UE without any on air presenters before long.

Julie of Geelong

At least he’s going forward, and Billy Boy is going no where!!

Well done Jonathan.

Yes, play it again, and again, and again Sam - 1000 times is never enough!!!


This should remind us of a certain episode between Michael (MPS) and one, Julia Gillard.

Neither Gillard or Shorten can stand the heat - tarred with the same brush.

Nancy White

Great news to hear. And the best of luck, to Mr. Lea. Stay always strong.

seeker of truth

Talking about Shorten, he has been getting a lot of airplay in the media in the last 24 hours because of the stupidity of Stuart Robert with his Robodebt fiasco.

The government shouldn't give Shorten opportunities to get his face on TV and voice on the radio because people will think that he is working for them and all be forgiven with his election policies of last year. Shorten's a con man and is only working for himself.

Les Brown

Channel 10 is a mystery to me, it is the only news service of a morning worth listening too unless you understand a foreign language, but then what or who are the rest of the programs directed at? Your prof pete and that willi wally, it is a very poor joke.


Good on you Jonathan Lea.


Best wishes to Jonathan Lea on his move to Sky. Well done Sky.


You know, listening to Bill Shorten go on and on about Liberal policy and his evasion of the question piut to him by Jonathan Lea akes me truely thankful that Bill shorten is not our Prime Minister today, and is unlikely to ever be our PM in the future. What a disgraceful performance by BS - he was asked a clear question about his policies, and immediately spun it around to deflect attention from his pure lack of knowledge and/or his unqwillingness to provide a straight answer to a straight question.

BS by name, BS by nature.


Bull Shitten.

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