"Mutual obligation" for the dole to return Tuesday week
Greens Richard Di Natale sends 'strength and solidarity' to US rioters


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An OH&S Inspector would fill an infringement book and be looking for another...

I used to climb commercial radio towers many years ago...hand over hand, no safety harness, and never gave it a thought...you just got the job done and learnt how to hang on tight !

Wayne Shaft

When England Was Still England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Julie of Geelong

Those days are well and truly gone.

I can’t get over how calm they were!!!

Fascinated Observer

As with these legends.



Frightening. But keep on mind somehow they built it. And that was back in 1840. 180 years ago. Very frightening.



Couldn’t watch the entire piece .
Did they all get down safely.
Didn’t read any adverse reports in the media

seeker of truth

And here is how they clean Nelson's Column these days.


As for the BBC presenter climbing the ladders in 1969, he definitely wasn't dressed for climbing with his denim jeans and khaki jacket plus boots. He was a certified idiot. The BBC even had them back then.


50 + years ago no worries,today not a chance in hell you'd get me up there without a safety harness and even then l'd be very reluctant.

Michelle Two

My Browser is playing silly buggers on my PC as there is only a blank spot under your title I've just had a look at the extensions and add on for the browser but can't see why they have blocked 3rd party sites on your posts..
I did watch it on my tablet though..
You would not want to have vertigo, I struggled to climb a high ladder at work on Wednesday to clean some high windows.. they ended up looking dirtier when I finished from all the dust, and the water I used to clean it..
I have since ordered some proper tools for the job so when they are delivered on Wednesday I shall attempt to clean again only I won't have to climb the ladder because I ordered and extension pole and the bits that fit it to clean high windows..

An era when men were men, and women had more grace and the family unit was a long stronger..
What did you parents teach you was another message that came through for the divine masculine to ponder on while doing a bit of soul searching "Why?" came out on Friday as well so time to question soul over what direction you wish to go, and to listen to the answers from soul as to what the obstacles are that keep you from reaching your true goals in life and to call on soul to help you lift and heal from all fears of the past to allow soul to move forward with a new lease of life and passion within your heart over where it is you want to go, what fulfills that heart then go for it.. but first ask yourself the hard questions over where you have been, where you are and where you want to go.. time to climb the ladder of your own success and if you are not happy in your current situation, what is stopping you from pursuing something new??
Soul will be pushing us out of our comfort zone's and calling for a bit of weighing up on who we are and how we got to this point in our soul evolution and if we are ready to climb to new heights of expanded consciousness as the angelics and guides will help lead the way with more knowledge when soul is ready for the next steps and for the path to be cleared ahead... so going over old ground only to complete what needs to be finished first... then opening soul up for more light to enter as the universe allows it... all in divine time your dreams do fall into the right place once you understand the soul journey thus far, so taking all experiences and lessons into account and forgiving everyone that crossed your path and releasing soul from all karmic connections that no longer serve soul .. which means letting a lot go that might of once bothered you, but doesn't anymore as soul knows it is not a part of your soul energy or manifestation any longer.. so not doing other souls work for them, but letting them take care of their own needs as you separate your energy from others and free soul from all fears and being the true warrior that wants to break free from whatever holds you back in life, from where you wish to be..love and light xx

Michelle Two

With the "Why?" Message also questioning self on current motives in any situations and really listening to soul and that inner voice over what you are feeling and not pushing those emotions aside but using them to bring in your soul insights and learning to trust what you are feeling is real and that your ego is not controlling your actions out of obligations made or because you feel guilt over having to let someone down because soul is not ready or because your priorities have changed and soul is driving you in another direction..
Time to admit truth to self first and get your head around what your heart is telling you.. time to step into the full light of the expanded consciousness as soul knows what to do, so relax you will always get the timing right as long as you have your true intentions and are motivated to bring in the positive results with whatever happens even if things don't go to plan at least you will have given it you all and you should be proud of how far you have come and never look back at yourself as a failure at any experience you went through as they made you into the person you are today., look through the lens of love always.. Nothing ventured only gain with all of the soul journey adventures you have been on and the ones you are yet to create .. love and light xx


By gum, lads (in his best Cockney accent) I dips me lid to the cameraman. Oops, sorry ladies, cameraperson.


Ditto, Ralph. Thanks for your service, mate.


Cameraman will do fine! No apologies needed by me!
I was having a bad dose of the vertigo eeby-jeebies while watching that. Going up to the L'Aiguille du Midi from Chamonix was bad enough; climbing up the open metalwork steps at a suddenly changed altitude plus vertigo was quite enough; not fully helped by the sickly 'green' beer in the café. I loved the views though, so well worth it.

Stan M

We used Bosun Chairs and swinging stages to fit out lift shafts long before the wells were fitted with scaffolding. This takes me back a while.

Matthew Wall

I remember being taught how to disconnect a HF longwire antenna from a Herc aircraft. Come out the hatch above the cockpit, hook the toe caps from your boots to the edge and stretch downwards to access the standoff. WOE came out one day, called me a d...head and told me to get a mobile scaffold. Guess my Sargent didn't like me.

John of Sunbury

I have been having the same browser problem recently, especially with MSN videos not showing up. I use Firefox and I just now found that if I disable the various extensions and plugins that I have added over time, things seem to be working properly again. Hope this helps.

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