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UN wants extra US $6.7BN Coronavirus funds this year - to spend on gender-based violence, sexual exploitation, food insecurity etc etc etc

One thing that's crystal clear in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic is the primacy of nation-states.

Closed borders, travel restrictions, quarantine within state and national jurisdictions - all of that's taken place within countries, without any role for global mobs like the UN.

They must be feeling left out because they've knocked up a plan to take $6.7 BN from countries like Australia and spend it on pet UN projects in places they'll choose.  All of course under the banner of the trendiest issue of the year - COVID-19.

I hope Australia doesn't tip in!

Here's a Malaysian news report:

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UNITED NATIONS: The United Nations on Thursday issued a new appeal for US$4.7 billion in funding to “protect millions of lives and stem the spread of coronavirus in fragile countries.”

The money is on top of the US$2 billion the UN already called for when it launched its global humanitarian response plan on March 25.

It has received about half of that money so far.“The most devastating and destabilising effects” of the novel coronavirus pandemic “will be felt in the world’s poorest countries,” UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Mark Lowcock said in the statement.

“Unless we take action now, we should be prepared for a significant rise in conflict, hunger and poverty. The spectre of multiple famines looms,” he warned.

The full US$6.7 billion is expected to cover costs of the humanitarian response plan until December.

It prioritises some 20 countries, including several in conflict such as Afghanistan and Syria.

The new call for donations came as nine more countries were added to the list: Benin, Djibouti, Liberia, Mozambique, Pakistan, Philippines, Sierra Leone, Togo and Zimbabwe.

It also aims to develop new programs to better combat food insecurity that is growing as a result of the economic crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Extraordinary measures are needed,” Lowcock stressed.

“I urge donors to act in both solidarity and in self-interest and make their response proportionate to the scale of the problem we face,” he added, warning of a long-term boomerang effect if poor countries are neglected by rich countries.

Covid-19 infections are expected to peak in the world’s poorest countries in the next three to six months, according to UN estimates.


UN Under-Secretary Mark Lowcock's speech asking for the money has just been published (below).

This bloke is shameless.  The UN is jumping on the back of the Coronavirus pandemic to get $6.7 BN into their own coffers.  And what will they spend it on?  

Today’s update includes a lot more programs to tackle the growth in food insecurity. It outlines measures to address the needs of the most vulnerable, including women and girls, children, the elderly, and people living with disabilities. Since the last GHRP, we have stepped up our efforts to prevent and address gender-based violence, sexual exploitation and abuse, and to offer support for mental health. Despite operational challenges, our UN and NGO partners on the ground are ready to fully implement this updated plan.


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