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Yassmin Abdel-Magied (she/her) jumps on the Dr van Diemen (she/her) / Captain Cook bandwagon

Victoria's Public Sector Commission investigating Dr van Diemen over Captain Cook tweet

The Australian today publishes a quite lengthy and very well put together story on Dr van Diemen - you can read it in full here.

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Victoria’s Public Sector Commission has confirmed it will investigate whether Deputy Chief Health Officer Annaliese van Diemen contravened the Public Administration Act when she compared Captain Cook to coronavirus in a tweet.

State opposition freedom of information spokesman James Newbury wrote to acting public sector commissioner Julia Griffith, requesting that she look into the matter.

Ms Griffith replied to Mr Newbury on Friday. “The commission will consider the matters you have raised in accordance with the objectives, functions and powers of the Victorian Public Sector Commission under the Public Administration Act 2004,” Ms Griffith wrote.

“Following these considerations, I will advise you further.”

The development came after the Prime Minister told Ms van Diemen to “stick to her day job” and Home Affairs minister Peter Dutton said she should quit, but Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews refused to reprimand his Deputy Chief Health Officer over the controversial tweet.

Mr Andrews says his sole focus is on the public health effort — despite the social media controversy sparked by Dr Annaliese van Diemen when she posted a tweet comparing Captain Cook to coronavirus on the 250th anniversary of Cook’s landing.

Mr Andrews has refused to reprimand the state DCHO, saying she was on a day off when she posted the tweet.

He also took a veiled swipe at Mr Morrison and Mr Dutton, saying that if “they’ve got time” to discuss the issue, “good luck to them”.

Mr Morrison said he found Dr van Diemen’s comments “disappointing” and she “clearly won’t get a job as chief historian”, while Mr Dutton called for her resignation.

Dr van Diemen tweeted on Thursday: “Sudden arrival of an invader from another land, decimating populations, creating terror. Forces the population to make enormous sacrifices & completely change how they live in order to survive. COVID-19 or Cook 1770?’’


Of course, the Andrews/CFMEU government is 100% behind Dr van Diemen's comments.

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