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ABC in-house activists hard at WOKE on a Friday

Black guy reports on how hard it is to be a black guy reporting on black guy stuff.

Only at the racist, skin-colour delineated ABC would you read horseshit like this.

Here's a tip for the ABC.

Forget about skin colour.

Report on humanity.

Celebrate our togetherness and one-ness - instead of celebrating all your different special needs tribes.

As MLK said, I have a dream that people will be judged on the content of their character, not their skin colour.

Time you took those words to heart ABC.  


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ABC News journalist Elias Clure on racism and the importance of a black reporter covering a Black Lives Matter protest

Clure with face mask around neck walking in front of protestors.
ABC journalist Elias Clure covering the Black Lives Matter protest in Melbourne on June 6.(ABC News)