An insight into union mentality
Bureaucratic nirvana as Australian Government 'strengthens its stance against e-cigarettes containing nicotine'

Another embarrassing Nine/Fairfax puff piece on Julie Bishop.


Count the reference in the AFR to “like many others” and the ‘just like you’ notions being floated by the publicist/journalist Natasha Boddy.

For the record Julie Bishop is nothing like a normal person.

She doesn’t want to be “like many others” - she thinks she’s better than you.

She certainly is “itching to get back to Canberra” because that’s probably the only place she gets the adulation she commands.

She certainly has missed being able to travel and “catching up face to face” ....especially now that the taxpayer isn’t giving her a private jet to use.

The article confirms that Julie Bishop is an attention seeking piece of work ...but most people already knew that.