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Political speedbump

Now that takes serious guts to go against your direct peers in such a public fashion ,indeed what an impressive human being .
Slightly O/T , I wont say she is a "hero" because thanks to the sheep media the word no longer has currency anymore due to their tiresome repetitive willingness to call anyone and everyone who is simply just doing their well paid job in their freely chosen career ,and who remain lucky enough to even have continued employment,the vast majority are public servants .
Sorry kids and though Its nice that your still doing your chosen job ,please don't believe your own press.... you are NOT hero's .


Good on her, ALM.


The parallels to NAZI Germany are frightening. Each generation has to fight for their freedom. That's why I support people like Michael Smith and IPA, Institute of public affairs Australia. They support free society and free people.

Francis de Groot's Love Child

More guts than our male footballers.


Now THERE'S Captain material!!


10/10 to her .


Gutsy lady Michael. Where was it? It would be nice to be able to send her our support.


Where was this, I’d hug her if I could.


Napoleon Hill's Book Outwitting the Devil talks about peoples fears and the danger of propaganda and drifting. Hitler used propaganda to effectively control people on mass. We are seeing the same thing today with the internet. Reasoning has gone out the window and people on mass are drifting into a hypnotic rhythm of bad habits. When you read or hear the book this makes sense. The book was put together by Sharon Lechter of Rich dad poor dad fame. See link below re this.


Dennis Thompson

Well done that girl, a leader with a wonderful future.

Not one of the pack.


Surely 'taking the knee' implies subservience i.e. acceptance of subjugation?


I agree, but what sort of world are we living in when it is considered "brave" to stand for your national anthem, only a few short years ago it was quite normal. I look at all those girls who are kneeling and consider them to be disrespectful cowards who should be ashamed of themselves. This world has truly gone mad.


In the Unites States women's soccer league.


Too true, more guts than all our footballer put together


"Best on field" but unfortunately,chances are, she'll be shaking hands with the reserve grade coach next week! and worse still she'll be labelled a "Racist", get bullied and probably give the game away. We live in dark times!

Lonesome Joe

What a gutsy girl. Good for her. Shame on police, footballers etc who perform this ridiculous posturing and grovelling act.

Andrew Gardiner

Good girl you will make a great leader one day

Not on the Left

Could you imagine the ferocious media and twitter pile-on, if an AFL footballer followed that very brave girl's example?
I wouldn't bend my knee for anyone or any cause, least of all for Marxists like BLM.

Jeff of FNQ

OT....In a moment of divine comedy, a potential vandal took a major fall while attempting to climb the statue of St. Louis IX.

The leftist criminal mobs have been targeting the statue of King Louis IX of France which is located in front of the Saint Louis Art Museum in Forest Park as part of their larger effort to erase our history and culture.


Geoffrey of Perth

Hats off to the young lady. A lady of principle obviously.


The militant lesbians in the team will be most displeased.

Jeff of FNQ

OT.....Angel Flight (Radio Tower Remix) - w/ Lyrics


Liz of Vic


It really does not take so much courage.
As you all know I was brought up in Holland and lived through WW2.

When I came here this was a free country and All of us were a free people.

When the kids at school at end of term had a parents-night they asked me would I come, of course I said I will come.
Next day, they told me that at the start of parents-night all the parents had to standup, while all the teachers and the
Principal came in.
So I said to them, look I will be there, but I will not stand up for any teacher or principal. It is up to you, If you would
Not like me to come, that is fine with me too, but I refuse to stand up for anybody, other than the Queen or the Pope.
All three said they did not care, they wanted me to come, which I did and I was the only parent, who did not stand up.

Even years later when they finished a Uni course of anything similar, it was always the same, I have never stood up
on those Occasions.

My kids have never asked me not to come.

Even now sometimes when their friends come over for a special occasion, they often mention it.

Why should any of us stand up for a teacher, after all the parents were the ones who paid for all the salaries and the fees of the school or whatever it was, same with my son who went in the RAAF.

I have never been sorry, that I stood up for my beliefs.

I would do the same to-day.


October 17, 2017
NEW YORK — Colin Kaepernick has as much chance of playing quarterback again in the NFL as a police officer would of being convicted of killing a black man.

You're right Micheal it does take guts to stand out for what you believe in.
Mind you POTUS had a good dig at him the bone spur warrior.


I DO love a woman with principles. What a gal!


Thank you


I'm pretty sure the blm leaders are laughing their guts out at what they got whitey to do.
I've also wonder why they haven't cancelled Michael Jackson yet for turning himself white.


It would be nice to know her name.


Now I see the Aussie Opal basketball team have been roped in now and their moto is "Rise Up".

I know they do that in the course of a game - but this time Rise Up has a different meaning.

Shame girls.

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