Justin Trudeau outdoes himself in the empty gesture stakes.
This bloke's got his priorities right - our weak-kneed governments should learn from him

How come we were ordered not to attend Anzac Day when we get this crap from Minister Hunt today

This is so weak and divisive.

It tolerates if not celebrates misbehaviour and lawbreaking.

I'm sickened by the contrast with the way government stamped on our national day of remembrance for veterans who won our freedom.

There was no "please think about a better way" on Anzac Day.  Our traditional ceremonies were cancelled full stop.

America is paying the price in riots and shocking violence as a result of the policies of gutless, insipid lefty state and local governments who won't put their feet down.

We are starting to do the same - as a pleading Greg Hunt so ably demonstrates.


Screen Shot 2020-06-06 at 8.46.48 am


Click here if you can't see Hunt's impotent performance.