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EXHIBIT ONE - Senator Janet Rice demands a full lockdown

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EXHIBIT TWO - except for herself and worthy protesters.

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Greens senator Janet Rice holding out on taking test

Greens Senator Janet Rice will step back from the Senate chamber and monitor her health after she attended a Black Lives Matter rally with a COVID-19 positive patient.

But the Greens Senator will remain in her office and will not get tested or self-isolate unless told otherwise by federal chief medical officers.

“I am continuing to follow the advice of the DCMO. The DCMO has not recommended asymptomatic testing,” she told The Australian.

“I am continuing to monitor my health and be vigilant with physical distancing. If any symptoms arise, I will immediately get tested and self isolate.

“We are seeking a briefing from the DCMO to ensure that advice is still current. In the meantime, I will be paired in the senate chamber today.”