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11 years ago Rudd said we risked losing 700,000 waterfront homes to climate change - he just bought one


From Craig Kelly MP:


It’s been a disastrous & challenging week for those brainwashed into the Climate Cult that must leave them left feeling like ‘suckers’ that have been conned.

First, we had former Climate Alarmist Michael Shellenberger acknowledge that he had it all wrong in the past, and apologising for Climate Alarmists frightening naive & gullible children with their climate scares.

And today, it’s been confirmed that former Australian PM and Climate Alarmist Kevin Rudd has just picked up a $17 million luxury oceanfront property.

This is same Kevin Rudd that as Australian Prime Minister, preached ‘’Climate Change was our greatest moral challenge’’ and in a speech to the Lowy Institute on the 9th November 2009, arguing for ‘urgent action on climate change’ stated;

‘’Storm surges and rising sea levels - putting at risk over 700,000 homes and businesses around our coastlines, with insurance companies warning that preliminary estimates of the value of property in Australia exposed to the risk of land being inundated or eroded by rising sea levels range from $50 billion to $150 billion.’’

Well it now reported he’s just purchased one of those 700,000 Australian properties that he previously claimed was at risk from rising sea levels.…/kevin-rudd-17-million-noosa-……/…/5b224b73b7c8ee35fb09a8c134a1884b

Is Rudd like Shellenberger, someone that has woken up, finally realising the sea rise scare was just a con ?

Or was Rudd conning the Australian public as with his climate alarmism as Kevin07 just to win office ?