Andrews makes face-masks compulsory across whole of Victoria as of Monday
I love South Park!


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Michelle Two

Wonder what this controlled story wants us to perceive, if you happen to watch it read between the lines as the darkness shows up with what they still try to hide..

Up The Workers!

Active Peking Pox cases in Australia Thurs 30 Jul 2020:
Canberra 1
Northern Territory 1
Tasmania 1
South Australia 3
West Australia 5
Queensland 8
NSW 188
Labor Leprosarium of
Dodgy Danistan: 4,839

Read it and weep!

Dodgy-Dan the China-Man runs the joint with all the intelligence, competence and ability we've come to expect from the knuckle-dragging simian wallet-stuffers, pocket-liners, purse-padders and trough-snouters who run the Labor(sic) Party.

He couldn't run a piss-up in a brewery, a Stitch-Up in the Victorian Court of Appeal, or a f*ck-up in a brothel, so they gave him Victoria to run instead. The results are there for all to see.


How did it all go so wrong...easy...put Labor in charge, wait...


Channel 9? It's almost a given that the blame will be laid at Scott Morrison's feet - or maybe even Tony Abbott's.

seeker of truth

Might be more succinct to say put Vic Labor in charge?

Liz of Vic

I do hate the Sixty Minutes programme, but I will watch this, I will give you my view on Monday, as I cannot believe they would do much damage to Andrews, as far as I am concerned the man should have been removed, as he did not only stuff up the quarantining in the Hotels, but there was virtually no tracing done here as nobody knowledgeable was there to do it.

It was already known in January, that the Department of Dr Sutton was very much understaffed and there have been emails to that effect.

In February Dr Sutton was short of sixteen staff and it got worse in March,
Red Dan totally ignored the situation.
The same as he did with the age-care homes.

The man is a piece of filth, if that.


"How did it all go so terribly wrong?"

1. Because Dangerous Dan China's Man was in charge!!

Stumbling from FU to FU one day at a time!


Will they expel Dan Andrews for being incompetent or will there be another enquiry into Labor by Labor so nothing achieved? Much like that recent 60 Minutes expose. From memory, Liz of Victoria recently said Somyurek was still sitting in the Victorian Parliament.


How about Donald Trump?

Account Deleted

My money is on Tony to cop the bucket. Ch9 just like TheirABC but with ads, lots of them

Liz of Vic

Yes Denise, that is correct, of course the Victorian Parliament is also not sitting, that is of course all the more trouble and no questions are able to be asked.

The thing is he only has the Judicial enquiry to worry about, and I am sure he will have told the Judge, that he is 'not Guilty, Madam!'

Michael has a photo up on the post about the masks for the whole of Victoria, he looks like a real crim there, so best keep that photo Michael.


I can't believe Dan didn't get the memo from the Golden Globes.

'Andy Samberg 76th Annual Golden Globes Doctors administer Flu Shots to the Celebrity Audience'

Skip the pizza and go straight to the needles, nice.

Political speedbump

Its a no-brainer really , gee why would a premier use the ADF ?,that would be sensible , But dodgey dan's old mate controllers from the CFMEU insist on their very own lucrative old mate security contract and cash in for a big payday ...just follow the money trail, its usually the same for all government rorts ...just follow the money trail .

Im wondering just how many people may have passed away soley because of Daniel Andrews abject stupidity greed and corruption,how many business's destroyed ,lifes ruined forever ? He should be charged ,or at least castigated publicaly for his willfull misconduct ,at the very least ,get out of the way and let the adults run the show .

Liz of Vic

as I said earlier, it seems that Red Dan has stuffed up the tracing, now I heard this
evening that the mayor of Brimbank said that the Andrews government had sent out notices in 55 languages, however
the people who live in Brimbank speak 186 Different languages, or they are not able
To read at all,and that is where 800 of the cases live, so what hope do we have?

It is all very well to have all these people here, but if they cannot even read in their
OWN language, things are a bit rough,however do we have put up with this in 2020?

That is where all these cases started and in the 723 of to-day, 86 cases. And Andrews
Has been testing in all the wrong area’s, it should have been done around Brimbank.
Really this is a mess of his making.

I like to see how he is going to worm his way out of this.
This mess is much worse as one could have imagined.

Fascinated Observer

Put the left in charge anywhere.

Pox’s original outbreak.....left controlled jurisdiction.

Pox’s initial control implementation.......leftist fail with possible deliberate worldwide infection spread.

Victoria.......ALP controlled jurisdiction results in growing NATIONAL Dandemic with associated economic destruction.

Even for the left this mess will surpass all other attempts at destroying national values for their cause.

Fascinated Observer

“Would you like the red pill or a needle with your champagne?”

Fascinated Observer

As the death toll grows so will the anger.

Emotions run high at such times so for someone to react out of character after losing someone due to the incompetence so on display would not be a surprise.


We'll never know the real cost of this in human terms....while this mob of incompetents grope blindly at any political life preserver, financial, social and psychological ruin looms on the horizon for many!

I hope people have long memories regarding what this POS and his cronies have done!


Michael can people list down where infection control is break down when they see it in hospital's /nursing homes where the vulnerable are and send list to health minister.

I see in nursing home just using same blood pressure cuff on everyone with no changing cleaning in between.
Nurse on TV was holding her mask in her mouth while doing up another person's. Mask should be changed very regularly. Really should be new for every patient. Pulling it off, putting in pocket to eat lunch then putting it on again very unhygenic. No wonder why so many medical staff get infected.

Put much money into look after vulnerable with proper infection control, the rest of population can get on with things otherwise long term more life and money will be lost. Cannot provide medical care if country too poor to buy it.

Look like many many staff don't understand infection control. Maybe that should have dentists run it. T hey have been doing very very strict infection control for many decades.

Up The Workers!

Yeah...Neinfacts Channel Nein - not so much "tabloid journalism", as "back-of-the-dunny-door Get-Upism".

Kerry Packer, who used to run that station back in the days when it had both credibility and respect, would be turning in his grave now that the A.L.P.B.C. maggots have moved in and now run the station for lying Leftard propaganda purposes, just like all the other TV stations on our airwaves.

Up The Workers!

"let the adults run the show".

Spot on.

Dodgy Dan the China Man has made more of a mess of Victoria, than a baby can make of a nappy.

The Maladministration of the Dodgy Dan Misgovernment and the baby's nappy both smell about the same.

About the only good I can think of under his misrule, is the rolling-on-the-floor, side-splitting-laughter his Party-appointed Appeal Court "Judges" provided all 7 members of the Full Bench of the High Court of Australia with in the High Court Appeal against the George Pell Appeal's comical "Get-Up" verdict.

Those High Court guys are REAL Justices - not a back-slapping bunch of "little maaates" and Party hacks more interested in "the vibe" or Party solidarity or the dubious alleged "evidence" of an absent dead-man, than the 26 highly-credible vertical, walking, talking witnesses for the defence.

We used to have adults running the show in Mogadishu-by-the-Yarra before Dodgy and the Crims lied and cheated their way into power.

But then we had Ted Bailed-Out and Dennis Nap-Time and after that, the Liberals apparently just totally lost interest and have been snoring ever since.

We sure need some adults to change that shitty nappy before sepsis sets in (if it hasn't already).


Cant wait to see this. This program is usually not on my list, but I will be interested to see what they come
up with.
What I would like is a breakdown of the background of the people who have been ignoring all rules and using
ignorance/language barrier for their actions.


Just looking at the date this blog entry was made and it looks as though I missed the show!

It is now Monday 3/8 and the blog entry was 30/7?

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