"I hope you all die" - masked woman to unmasked toddlers.
Grants for journalism about the economy - Emma Alberici style 'journalism' that is


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Up The Workers!

The A.L.P.B.C. - Australian League of Paedos' Bullshittery Corporation.


Yes have seen Bill Thompson fronting them out side ABC Melbourne ,every time OH didn't know that I will look in to it and crickets , as they walked away red faced.


If Mick had been a victim of a conservative paedophile I’m sure their ABC would have done everything possible to help him.


May you continue in strength,Mick.

"I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented."

Elie Wiesel


The Marxists at the ABC condone and appreciate pedophilia. They would love the age of consent to be dropped to two years of age.


Thank you for your words of compassion. Yes, as I said to David Anderson - "Silence only empowers the perpetrator and suppressers the victims!" This imbalance is only 'flipped' when we call-it-out!! The ABC continually lecture us on the moral and ethical virtues on many subjects. But in the case specifically Jon Stephens, the silence, is as serenity747 said - crickets.
They disregarded the basic principle of cause and effect by remaining silent. They've condoned Jon Stephens behaviour, and never made him accountable!! My legal journey over the last 5yrs has been difficult and the ABC only made it more difficult!!
The ABC have had many opportunities to editorialise this matter. But it seems that the legal road takes precedence over ethics.


The left do not care about people who have been abused except to re-abuse them as cannon fodder in their war on society.

Liz of Vic

Is this a case which fits the same box as the one of Kathy?


The ABC could neither be persuaded to give any attention to the manner in which complaints of pedophilia were improperly handled in the NSW State parliament, as outlined to numerous investigative agencies including the Royal Commission. Of course we know well enough that these crimes are only important when committed in the Catholic Church.


There are similarities - keep out of public domain to protect the left at all costs. Engage lawyers and keep quiet.
Simon Major is currently dragging ABC's sorry arse through civil court. I wish him well!!
I also wish Kathy Sheriff all the best too!


The Royal Commission failed to include many institutes both public and private in their hearings. This gave a skewed view of the wider picture of child sexual abuse within Australia. The ABC as we all know honed in on Christianity, specifically Catholics.
No entity of power, government (as you duly noted), or private sector are immune to paedophilia.
Justice McLennan did invite 'the entertainment' industry to submit testimonies to the Royal Commission. However he withdrew the submission citing that there is no need to further investigations because it is not systemic abuse.

Capt Baz

Exactly! You hit the nail right on the head Linda.


You should have received justice mick , but the unwritten code of the nefarious Left is to turn a blind eye , have a deaf ear and they shall not speak of any that subscribes to the tribal Left it is just another criminal society that have a political arm and a media arm .
Hope the future brings you some luck in your pursuit for truth and justice to be heard , Good luck and best wishes.

seeker of truth

Pederast don’t strike once but some of them try to convince the Court that their offending was an aberration and out of character. How many other victims are out there?

I see that Jon Stephens seemed to involve himself in theatre and film that was kid-centric.


There was The Silver Brumby and Ship to Shore series to name a few in those early days.

For Mick's sake, I hope the afterlife treats Jon Stephens harsher than our Court system did.

Fascinated Observer

Following the ALP example over their numerous peado incidents going back many years.

Bury head in sand while evidence destroyed or corrupted then plead sweat innocence over any knowledge of said events.

Fascinated Observer

Full term abortion hits that criteria.

Fcuking babies legally.🤮🤮🤮🤮

Liz of Vic


I do wish you better luck with this in the future, as I did with Kathy, she is very often in my thoughts,
Just hope for both of you that the day of reckoning will come, after all this site of Michael is actually all
about this.
At least one place where you know you do have friends, who are all expecting to see our wishes for
Honesty and decency in this country comets fruition.

Les Brown

The character of many CEO's, Co Directors, Managing Directors is certainly brought forward for all to see when they put the pocket in front of morals.


They go to where the vulnerability is. They plan long term. They plan for happening of future disasters, like they will go into places with upheavals e.g. after big floodings, droughts, wars that displace people. Communities in turmoil.But they sneak into good communities too, even get into positions of very high power, mayor, judge politician, doctor,journalist, "nice" person at store/garage/farm . Nearly always usually they have collaborators from all walk of life They are cockroaches of the human world

And they go to their own families - siblings, children grandchildren and extended. Yes, they will deliberately breed their own victims.

They are vilest of the vilest and like cockroaches hard to exterminate but they must be exterminated.

Like Capt Arthur Phillip say for some criminals death is not a threat/punishment, they must face something more terrible than death. In his time the Maoris of NZ were still fierce cannibals so he thought dumping evil criminals in NZ and letting Maoris hunt them for fun and food might be good deterent . Never tested it out but.

Up The Workers!

All it takes for A.L.P. Paedos (such as the A.L.P.'s Milton "The Molester" Orkopoulos M.P., the A.L.P.'s Keith Wright M.P., the A.L.P.'s Bill D'Arcy M.P., the A.L.P.'s Terry Martin M.P., the A.L.P.'s Bob Collins M.P., the A.L.P.'s Andres Puig former Victorian A.L.P. Assistant State Secretary, the A.L.P.'s Bull Shitten M.P., the A.L.P.'s Kevin "Heiner Affair" Rudd M.P. and the A.L.P.B.C.'s Jon Stevens) to prosper, is for good men (and bad A.L.P.-appointed selectively blind, deaf, dumb, bought, bent and palm-greased Leftard Police-Farce Chiefs) to do nothing.

After the world-leading display of grossly incompetent Policing in the "Carl Beeching" of the innocent Cardinal Pell into prison for 405 days for a "crime" which never happened (and then not arresting and charging the imaginative accuser or apologising or paying substantial damages to their victim in compensation for the years of A.L.P.B.C. vilification, lies and stitch-ups, incompetence, deceit and stupidity) it seems that the A.L.P. is no longer willing to advertise for auditions and rehearsals for aspiring lying Leftard thespians to "Carl Beech" innocent people, but nor are they interested in potting possibly guilty people if they are Labor members.


Let me just add that "improperly handled" was a bit of a euphemism for what I am sure most people suspect in this matter, which should never have been ignored by any of those it was reported to.

Up The Workers!

Yep, no doubt about it, the A.L.P. "Pro-Death" Lobby are a cradle-to-grave institution.

Like Adolf Hitlers' Gestapo, they have thoughtfully provided Abortion Abattoirs to look after the young, Bat Soup in the Labor Leprosarium of Mogadishu-By-The-Yarra for the elderly, and all their illegally imported criminal drug-dealing and female genital mutilating, wife-bashing, terrorist pals to look after those in between.

Up The Workers!

I see that yesterday in Dodgy Dan the China Man's fascist-controlled Mogadishu-By-The-Yarra, a lawless mob of his totalitarian Black-Shirt Revenue-Raisers from the former Leftard "Get Pell Squad", got violent and bashed in the windscreen of a female motorist's car because she (Shock! Horror!) refused to wear a mask or obey Dodgy's totalitarian anti-Christian, anti-conservative House-arrest orders.

Who does she think she is...a member of the Leftard C.F.M.M.E.U.; a member of the Musbyterian religious sect who are entirely free to attend wedding receptions, church services and funerals by the hundreds, or a member of Excrement Regurgitated or the virulently racist, Marxist "B.L.M. Movement" gathering by the 30,000 with the full collusion and protection of the hypocritical A.L.P. and their joke Keystone Cop Farce-Command?

When will the Black-Shirt Revenue-Raisers of the A.L.P. now be going out and smashing the car windows of all those C.F.M.M.E.U., Musbyterian, Excrement Regurgitated and BLM Members who blatantly and deliberately flouted isolation and mask requirements and got away with it because of Leftard corruption, stupidity, hypocrisy and incompetence?


They don't have ethics Mick.

Very sorry to hear about your suffering. Do stay strong.
I don't mean to seem glib but I hope you can meet some nice people to wash out some of the toxicity of your horrible experience with the ABC.


I think I just met some nice people.... Thanks Michael too. It's funny, my partner and I always say - Have you ever met a happy socialist? Because we haven't!

In my letter to Mr Anderson I raised my concern for any possible victims in the future whose perpetrator is an ABC staff member. Will they be met with the same strongarm. Is the only direction to preserve the ABC's reputation at all costs. How does my victim of crime morph into a political move?

There are basic, fundamental principles of ethics, and morals that the ABC missed; and aside from their legal responsibilities, and journalistic code of ethics, the ABC Charter may of been breached?
But personally I needed as much help possible in the court room. My evidence was relying on Tendency. And with a call-out publicly, it has the advantage of informing possible other victims to come forward. Their evidence may of supported mine and visa-versa. It also has the power to save people.
Because the ABC remained silent over the past 5 years I will never know. There may be victims of Mr Stephens out there who are struggling. For that I am angry! Every time the ABC call-out another pedophile, I cringe at the hypocricy.
And on a final note - not only are the ABC silent, but mainstream media too. No one wants to talk about Historical Child Sexual Abuse within the entertainment industry. Or at least no one wants to dob-in the ABC!


Jon Stephens was an excellent teacher and an excellent writer. I knew him. I worked with on several kids' video workshops. He was a good man. Your attempt to smear him as kid-centric pedophile is bullshit.

Is "Mick" the former teenage journalist whose lack of talent as he grew older saw him sacked? Who carried a chip on his shoulder for decades? Who blamed his own failures on one handjob in Gosford in the 1980s? Who as an adult kept coming back and demanding money from Jon? And when the money dried up, went to the coppers? "Mick" killed a good man.

You should all be ashamed of yourselves.


Steve, you should not pass judgement!

I was sexually abused by Mr Stephens from 7 - 12 years old. Mr Stephens charmed his way into my family, and was adored by all. He was a sheep in wolf's clothing! I witnessed my mothers death alone at the age of 11. He knew that, and he still abused me within weeks of her death. I cried and struggled....but that didn't stop him.

So you may say that I killed him; perhaps I did. But if anything it was his conscious that played on his mind. I am not responsible for his guilt. As long as I remained silent - he could continue to assault. I had to go to the police.

The fallout of years of abuse has been damaging beyond belief. I am lucky to still be alive! I only wish I'd gone to the Police 30 - 40 years ago! I may of saved many small boys lives. Simon was abused after me. He may very well be your so called failed Journalist haunting Mr Stephens.
Simon Major had his childhood and his passion for life ripped out from under his feet by Mr Stephens at the age of 12. To dismiss his abuse is shocking! Simon endured years of abuse too.

I think you need to look at your own moral compass!


Also, Mr Stephens defence to the Magistrate in Gosford Court was - "This was a one time offence, and he has never hurt anyone since, your Honour". This was a lie. My Detective entered the court room on his day of sentence, and informed the Magistrate that there was a current investigation into Mr Stephens of further systemic sexual abuse.

The Magistrate was so outraged that he sentenced Mr Stephens to 1 year jail.

There are other victims too.

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