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ABC's most condescending, box-ticking celebrity produces world's-best strategic-thinking word-soup

This is ABC Canberra's TV News autocue reader, Dan Bourchier.

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He identifies as gay and Aboriginal.

He has a ring on his finger to remind us of one, and a flag on his lapel for the other.

Here he is at his condescending best, leading the way for his lessers on a flavour-of-the-month issue.

And because their ABC's taxpayer-funded Dan is destined for greatness, last week he found time to hob-nob with other great minds at the ADF Academy for a strategic thinkers course - he even got a certificate to prove it.

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So what does a Strategic Theory for Practice course have to do with reading the ABC's autocue in Canberra?

Let's allow Dan Bourchier JP GAIDC to explain all by himself.