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BBC columnist - scrap Rule Britannia & Land of Hope and Glory from The Proms because they're 'insensitive' to BLM movement


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Serious wanker Richard Morrison, writing in the BBC's Music Magazine said it would be 'insensitive, bordering on incendiary' to chant the 'nationalist' songs this year in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement. 

'When I look around me - particularly at the people sitting in the posh seats whom I've never seen at any other Proms - and realise that I can detect absolutely no sign of irony as they roar out these crudely jingoistic texts.

'On the contrary, they seem to mean every single word. And even if they don't, what comes across to the worldwide TV audience is a stereotype of Little England that was already being lampooned when I first went to the Proms half a century ago.'

'With massed choirs and a packed, flag-waving audience ruled out on medical grounds, there will never be a better moment to drop that toe-curling embarrassing anachronistic farrago of nationalistic songs that concludes the Last Night of the Proms.

'And I don't meant drop them just for this year. I mean forever.

'They form a kind of unholy trinity: Jerusalem, Land of Hope and Glory and Rule, Britannia!

'Jerusalem I can just about endure, though I think the questioning, almost incredulous nuances of William Blake's words are being massively misunderstood if they are hurled out like a football chant.

'But the other two? Each year I try to convince myself that they are being performed 'ironically'. After all, there can't be many people in 2020 who think that Britain really does rule the waves or that God will make us 'mightier still' with each passing epoch. How else could you sing those words, except as history re-enacted as farce?'