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Compare and contrast US daily new COVID cases with daily COVID deaths

First up I'd commend the COVID Tracking Project to you - an impressive and useful daily data source on the way the virus is tracking in the US.

Now consider the overlay of these two data sets, daily new cases and daily deaths.


I'll leave the commentary to Andrew Cooper of Liberty Works and CPAC Australia.

The US stock market is up and you don't understand why? This might help.

Highly self-interested US investors are looking past the fear mongering of politicians, the misinformation of medicrats and the lazy sensationalism of the media. Self-interested investors don't invest on the basis of what was, or even what is. They invest on what will be.

Investors are putting their own money at risk so they are highly motivated to look carefully at data, to understand what's happening. And when they do, they see that despite a massive increase in Covid cases, the death rate remains low. The death rate is plumeting despite what the population is told by the media.

But who should YOU believe? The words of self interested politicians advised by self interested medicrats fuelled by self interested mainstream media selling clicks? Or should you believe the self interested investors?

I'll follow the investors, their self-interest is far more open and honest. This pandemic is approaching its end game in the US. It's likely that only the hidden self interests of politicians and medicrats can crush the rebounding US economy now.

In Australia, its entirely different. Our pandemic didn't even start and our path back to economic recovery relies on vaccines that have not been trialled and usually take years to get to market. The US is rebounding... I fear however that we may be f@#ked. 😔