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It's not a crisis until The Greens show up to exploit it

Compare and contrast US daily new COVID cases with daily COVID deaths

First up I'd commend the COVID Tracking Project to you - an impressive and useful daily data source on the way the virus is tracking in the US.

Now consider the overlay of these two data sets, daily new cases and daily deaths.


I'll leave the commentary to Andrew Cooper of Liberty Works and CPAC Australia.

The US stock market is up and you don't understand why? This might help.

Highly self-interested US investors are looking past the fear mongering of politicians, the misinformation of medicrats and the lazy sensationalism of the media. Self-interested investors don't invest on the basis of what was, or even what is. They invest on what will be.

Investors are putting their own money at risk so they are highly motivated to look carefully at data, to understand what's happening. And when they do, they see that despite a massive increase in Covid cases, the death rate remains low. The death rate is plumeting despite what the population is told by the media.

But who should YOU believe? The words of self interested politicians advised by self interested medicrats fuelled by self interested mainstream media selling clicks? Or should you believe the self interested investors?

I'll follow the investors, their self-interest is far more open and honest. This pandemic is approaching its end game in the US. It's likely that only the hidden self interests of politicians and medicrats can crush the rebounding US economy now.

In Australia, its entirely different. Our pandemic didn't even start and our path back to economic recovery relies on vaccines that have not been trialled and usually take years to get to market. The US is rebounding... I fear however that we may be [email protected]#ked. 😔



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Bikinis not Burkas

Watch @4:30


"Who should you believe" well certainly not the MSM either here or in America, they only mention the increase in cases not the decrease in deaths, but then the truth doesn't matter anymore to these lowlifes. They are trying to scare people into thinking that this virus is going to kill you if you get it, even though the likelihood of that happening is very remote. It has also emerged that the drug Trump was pushing in the very beginning "hydroxychloriquine" is actually very effective against the virus, even some in the lefty US media have had to begrudgingly admit it.

Fascinated Observer

Local hyperventilating anti Don media will be very selective in their tone & facts as per usual.

As with new anti malaria drug trials & there positivity the brainwashing will continue as per NWO Overlords instructional mandates.

The French in 1814 sorted this crap out.



Covid 19 responses are based on fear mongering. Death rates not based on science.

If a billion people got the flu last year and 3-600,000 people died, why is there fuss over yet another corona virus?


Everyone who dies, dies of corona virus? Race to put covid 19 down as cause of death. Lung collapses from motor accident and covid 19 test positive, covid put down as cause of death. Lung collapse is cause.

Medical professionals putting down suspected covid 19 cases as cause of death. Whether it is or not. Financial incentives in US to put down covid 19 as cause of death

Fear mongering to sustain draconian measures to control population.

We are in the twilight zone. Get second opinion.


One of those things is not like the other one.


I hope the Japanese remember to social distance.

Major Floods Hit Kumamoto & Kagoshima Prefectures, Kyushu, Japan - Jul. 3 / Jul. 4, 2020

That's some biblical flooding right there.


Exactly. What is the end game in Australia? No new virus cases ever? No borders open ever?
The vulnerable need to be protected and herd immunity needs to happen or we'll never move from these draconian measures (Vic) as Premiers continue on their quest to eradicate what can't be eradicated.

Liz of Vic


I believe that although the Andrews Government has done nothing else but damage
and behaved with a stupidity not to be believed, that there are only 20 deaths
even in Victoria.

seeker of truth

Engaging in debate is a bit difficult for some.

Fred Furkenburger

Good going Mike.


Good going Mike.


Have not seen one mention in the media about what you can take to have less possibility of getting fatal case and all they are doing is spreading fake news to discredit .If you look on Facebook and you tube some of the things that can help are vitamin c zinc NAC and vitamin D but none of these are going to make drug companies rich and if a doctor steps out of line they can easily be deregistered and drug companies control the system,It has been said that some doctors would prefer to let a patient die then use some treatments.

The Inside Line

The percentage of deaths due to covid 19 of the total deaths from all causes in the US has fallen to the point where it only has to fall a part of a percent and it will drop below the level of epidemic, that being 5.9%. Or to put it in simpler terms, the death rate now is the same as a normal influenza seasons.
I haven't seen any news about Australia's death count. It seemed to get to 100 many weeks ago and there have only been about 4 more since. And yet they who must be obeyed are not going to relinquish the control they have taken over every aspect of our lives except to drip feed us new "freedoms" as election sweeteners.

The Inside Line

That is very insightful Fred.


Perhaps more people will cultivate healthy habits and not get the flu. Hand sanitiser and washing hands regularly seem to have facilitated less cases of the flu which is more deadly than the Coronavirus..

Up The Workers!

Dodgy Dan really cares about the health of Victorians.

Two years ago, a good friend was hospitalised in a major Melbourne metro hospital for two months after suffering an acute stroke. All the meals at this major hospital with hundreds of beds (and a couple of other hospitals besides) were cooked or prepared off-site, and delivered three times per day by special trucks to the site.

It didn’t take long for this friend to realise that although he was a Type 2 diabetic, and the sign above his bed said that a strict Diabetic dietary regime was to be applied, all of the pre-packed meals he was served for the whole 2 months were labelled: “Gluten Free” – not “Diabetic Meals”, and almost without exception, contained 4 times the sugar content than anything he regularly consumed at home.

When he complained repeatedly to nurses or doctors about the highly irregular and possibly dangerous diet, he was told: “It is disgraceful; scandalous; but what can you do? This is the way meals have been ever since their preparation went off-site”.

Maybe it is my suspicious mind, but I couldn’t help thinking that one of Dodgy’s many crooked Labor “little maaaates” is sitting fat and happy and counting all his truckloads of corruptly ill-gotten cash having been awarded a typically non-tendered, tender to thoughtlessly supply those unfortunate hospital patients with their food – regardless of their state of health. I am unaware of whether the same slack dietary regime is still being perpetrated today in those hospitals.

'Rough enough is good enough' and 'corners were made to be cut' - that's how Dodgy's Danistan has the worst "Bat Soup and Toad Initiative" Peking Pox in all Australia today.

If something can be done incompetently or corruptly, that is the way that Dodgy and his “fugs” will do it.

Liz of Vic

Just heard that there is one more death in Victoria, a man of 90 years old.

That is between a few hundred more cases 53 in the 9 towers.

By the sound of things, there are a lot of meals prepared at the North Melbourne Mosque and delivered to these towers.

What is the betting that a lot have been to Ramadan overseas and came back with the virus?
Michael explained some of the vile habits they had during those festivities.
The guards Andrews had employed did not know the first thing about infection-control!
Andrews has been offered the members of the ADF, but three times he has refused them, another big mistake, the members of the ADF are trained in all those special security-measures.
The man is a walking disaster.

Wayne Shaft

AGENDA 20/30 The Great Economic Reset .....It Was A Nursing Home Flu 🤧.....Big Changes Planned , Beginning January 20/ 21....Stake Holder Capitalism ......Much More ..👺

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