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Full report from 'Australia's Nation Brand Advisory Council' punting the kangaroo as a national symbol

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Following up on our story of yesterday - it now emerges that this is much bigger than replacing the Australia-made logo. This is an entire rebranding of everything connected with government - website, trade, tourism, domestic matters etc.

$10m worth.

To say it’s just the Australia made logo gets the government and Minister Birmingham in particular off the hook.

Below is an extract from the recommendation made by 'Australia's Nation Brand Advisory Council' to the Morrison government.

Minister Birmingham has apparently accepted the recommendation - so kangaroos are out and the corona virus wattle is in.

Considerations: We love our kangaroo – it is currently the most internationally recognised shortcut to Australia. But we considered whether it would shift perceptions of our nation, or simply reinforce what people already knew about us.

Further, to adopt a kangaroo as our national symbol would require agreement on a new single ‘roo’ (by all agencies currently using kangaroos) as dual-branding situations of multiple kangaroos sitting side by side will not work. Therefore, with consideration for the mark to co-exist with existing national symbols, this led to a recommendation against the kangaroo.

New Brand Mark: The Council’s preference for the Nation Brand mark was the wattle – it’s our national flower and while not immediately recognisable internationally, it will become so over time.

Our proposed Nation Brand mark balances a literal and abstract interpretation of a wattle flower. It’s an optimistic burst of gold positivity. Co-created with our Indigenous design partners Balarinji, the mark is embedded with a cultural richness and graphic voice that speaks distinctively of Australia.


Here's your $10,000,000.00