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On perseverance. Andrew Hastie celebrates 10 years since his SASR selection course. Never Give Up.

Congratulations Captain Hastie.

Ten years ago today, I began the SASR selection course alongside 132 Australian servicemen. 40 completed the course—only 26 were selected for service.

It was three weeks of constant fatigue, hunger and sleeplessness. And it taught me a lot.

I learned that moral courage is more important than physical courage. I learned that leaders must persevere through anxiety, fear, fatigue and uncertainty.

We all feel those things. But it’s perseverance that makes the difference.

Ten years later, in an uncertain world, this seems truer than ever. Not just for you and me, but as a country.

So, wherever you are today - I hope you are safe, I hope you are well, and I know you can persevere.

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