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Enthusing about genetically modified crops and dismissing the effects of climate change and veganism couldn’t be further away from the green views of Prince Charles.

But these are the very forthright opinions of his sister, Princess Anne.

Giving a rare interview to mark her 70th birthday next month, the Queen’s fiercely independent daughter jokes that her conversations with her elder brother are by necessity ‘short’ due to their wildly differing opinions.

Charles has openly lobbied against genetically modified crops, but Anne counters: ‘It has been an enormous advantage in many parts of the world to use GM wisely for very specific environments.

Asked if she and Charles have conversations about farming, Anne quips: ‘Yes... occasionally, but rather short.’

‘It makes it much more likely to be able to grow what you need.

‘I have to remind people that rapeseed oil was only made non-toxic to humans by the Canadians after the Second World War by genetically modifying the plant.

‘It’s [ironically] quite popular with all those people who don’t like GM.’

Asked if she and Charles have conversations about farming, she quips: ‘Yes... occasionally, but rather short.’

'I don't go down the climate change route' 

The princess was speaking to Australian Women’s Weekly magazine via a video call from Gatcombe Park, the 500-acre Gloucestershire estate and farm where she has spent lockdown.

Princes William and Harry as well as Charles have linked last year’s devastating Australian bushfires to climate change, but Anne said: ‘I don’t even go down the climate change route.

‘I think the way people manage ground is part of the discussion... Climate changes all the time. It has done so throughout the globe’s history, so there’s nothing new under the sun.