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Our readers leap into action over ABC MD's plea for help!


Yesterday we brought you the leaked email from the ABC MD seeking staff-only input about diversity on the ABC.

ABC Managing Director wants to hear from YOU about fixing the lack of diversity of views on Their ABC

Here's reader Custard's excellent submission, emailed today.

You could start by hiring a conservative to host a prominent radio and TV program. 

Then you need to stop the jaundiced reporting of the USA and Donald Trump just because he won the 2016 election that not a single ABC employee or guest predicted.

You should then screen Michael Moore’s documentary Planet of the Humans, and then make your own documentary about the Grand Solar Minimum and solar cycle 25.

Invite Michael Shellenberger onto a prominent program (7.30) and hear his views on nuclear power and the futility of renewable energy.

Finally admit and apologise for the deceit of the ABC in the handling of Jon Stephens and his guilty plea to sexual assault whilst an ABC employee and then apologise to Cardinal George Pell for decades of harassment of an innocent man.

There is much more to do, but these would be a good start.

And 'Email to the ABC' has a thoughtful contribution that should be part of the ABC Charter.

To whom it may concern,

I understand the ABC is undertaking a review into diversity issues regarding ABC content and workforce. This is a welcome initiative.

Diversity of opinion is vital if the ABC is to represent all Australians. Approximately half of Australians are right of centre voters. Yet they rarely, if ever, see themselves in prominent roles in the ABC. Although a token right of centre commentator might be invited to attend a discussion program, such invitees are invariably outnumbered by ideological opponents and are typically treated in a hostile manner, enabled or facilitated by the inevitable left of centre host. 

There are no prominent right of centre personalities hosting or anchoring prime time ABC TV programs that I can identify. On the rare occasions a right of centre personality is selected for a prominent radio hosting role, they are likely to be drawn from the more liberal, rather than conservative spectrum of the right of centre ideology. The ABC currently lacks a diversity of opinion amongst it's workforce. It is important this lack of diversity of opinion is addressed if the ABC is to be given widespread, bipartisan support.

Nor does the ABC appear to produce supportive content with a right of centre audience in mind. Programs typically display animus towards right of centre opinion or are supportive of left of centre ideology. This ideological bias in ABC content is alienating approximately half the ABC audience.

Creating a diversity of opinion and ideology at the ABC, which currently does not exist, will ensure that the ABC speaks to it's audience and reflects the diversity of opinion within Australian society. I look forward to greater diversity of opinion at the ABC and an increase in the number of right of centre employees at the ABC in order to embed diversity of opinion in the ABC workforce.

All Australian taxpayers pay for the ABC. All Australian taxpayers should see their diverse opinions reflected in the ABC content and workforce. I look forward to hearing about the efforts to increase diversity of opinion at the ABC.


I agree!  Wonder how you'll get on with the ABC staff collective rep!


PS - don't forget to make your voice heard too!

Send your submission to [email protected]