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Statement from Her Majesty The Queen's spokesman on the Kerr/Palace conspiracy theory

Senator Eric Abetz explains the significance of today's release of the Kerr/Palace correspondence

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The release of the letters between Sir John Kerr and the Palace during the 1975 constitutional crisis has taken every bit of wind out of the flagging republican campaign.

For years, in the absence of proof, republicans were able to run all sorts of dissembling conspiracy arguments against the monarchy. No longer are they able to do so.

The release of the correspondence confirms the Palace did not get involved nor was Her Majesty made aware of the decision before it was taken and implemented, confirming all decision making took place on Australian soil by Australians for Australians.

The one issue the republicans can never overcome is the good sense of the Australian people in rejecting the Labor Party in a devastating landslide election only one month after the dismissal. The dismissal was only necessitated because Labor was manically determined to govern without supply given it was too scared to face its master, the Australian people.

The letters verify Sir John Kerr’s account as set out in his book ‘Matters for Judgment’. While one suspects there won't be a rush of apologies flowing to Sir John, one trusts that those that peddled the silliness of their conspiracy theories will now hold a dignified silence. One suspects they won't and will now turn to the CIA or some other distraction to avoid the painful reality that Labor’s demise was a result of the umpire blowing the whistle and giving the people their right to vote. And vote they did with a vengeance which saw the disastrous Labor government being thrown out.

The integrity of the monarchy remains fully in place whereas the republicans will need to regroup and develop another conspiracy theory. The letters confirm Sir John acted impartially, with skill and wisdom. Something which cannot be said of the then Labor Government or those seeking to justify the unjustifiable with every conceivable scapegoat.

Senator Abetz is a member of the Australian Monarchist League.