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Message from our friend Larry Doyle about his Clinton Foundation law suit in the US Tax Court

Overnight I received this note from our mate Larry Doyle who along with John Moynihan is suing the US Commissioner for Internal Revenue over the Clinton Foundation's crimes.

Larry and John are making progress - and I think we'll all make history as slowly but surely the Clintons and crooked friends are brought to justice.

Here's Larry.

I welcome sharing this message with you along with the link to our ongoing case/fight in US Tax Court:

As our friends in Ireland might say, "let's drop the fookin' hammer"
With ultimate respect for all of you, 


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Dunno Michael. You saw how easily Gillard laughed everyone and everything off here in little old Australia. Whoever has the media on-side will always have the last laugh.


Ongoing case, and it will go on and on and on, and nothing will happen, sorry to sound so pessimistic but that is what usually happens to those at the top, nothing.


God speed Larry. As evident with the Epstein saga, these scumbags have a lot of friends in very high places...

Michelle Two

Not any more the swamp is being drained, they are going broke and have lost the power to control other world powers as they are in the same boat..
Trying to build up what little control they have, because of the energy shifts all that they try backfires and exposes their plots and cover ups more. Love and light xx

Account Deleted

I always thought the KKK stood for something else but now I find it stands for the Klinton Krime Kommission. Good luck with your work guys.


Thanks for all your hard work Larry Doyle and John Moynihan. So glad you are on our side!

Larry Doyle mentioned the Gates Foundation. I have done a little more research on donations from the GF. This time on donations to Australia. One entry on the 1st page was to the Global Poverty Project. When I clicked on the link given it led me to Global Citizen (with a big photo of the NZ PM)

One of the core partners of Global Citizen is Proctor and Gamble (of Gillette infamy).
According to that Wikipedia entry in 2011 Rajat Gupta resigned from the board of P&G after being accused of insider trading.

Just for interest sake, the name Gupta must be common because it sounded familiar so did a search on your site and found a couple of links from Michelle Two on steel magnate Sanjeev Gupta and SBS Chairman Nihal Gupta

Interestingly, Rajat Gupta, formerly of P&G, was also an executive of McKinsey & Company
Ian Davis of Johnson and Johnson, another core partner of Global Citizen along with Proctor and Gamble, was also formerly of McKinsey & Company

Back to Wikipedia on P&G. It also says they are a member of the US Global Leadership Coalition
Note in that entry it has a paragraph “Political Campaign” which reminded me Charles Ortel said last year, according to Wikileaks, in 2008 a group of billionaires met in an apartment belonging to George Soros to set up the Obama administration that was to be populated by those loyal to George Soros etc.
Have a look at the names on these links, especially Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Condoleezza Rice and all the retired Defense Force personnel.

Looks like that swamp is huge!! Imagine what you could find if you had the facilities to dig deeper.

seeker of truth

This dynamic duo has the job ahead of them. First up, they have to have the DOJ and the IRS read the pages of evidence showing the false information contained in the annual returns filed by the charity compared to the activities it performed and the services it provided. These departments must refer back to the incorporation documents and any subsequent documents filed by the Foundation with the various State Companies Offices, especially the Clinton Foundation's home State of Arkansas. There seems some reluctance to do this. There is also some reluctance with those sitting on the Senate committee inquiry into charities to get their head around the legal aspects of this matter. They want it made simple when it is not. The answer is in the documents but they haven't got all the documents. Still much more to go on this to make great headway. I wish them well in their endeavours.

Liz of Vic


I believe that there will be little to look forward to as in a finished investigation during our life-times.

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