On Vietnam Veterans Day, get in touch with someone who might want to drop off some baggage
Two pay-rises for Labor/CFMEU Victorian Government public servants this year


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Creepy Joe likes the smell of kiddy hair.


Does she really believe that BS?


Good grief, I nearly barfed all over my computer.

Barry J

She has made fool of herself.


When you can fake sincerity ................

Rod W

Sounds like pleading.

Dems are really worried.


Michael Obama is used to acting.

He/she's been pretending to be a woman for a long time now.

However, even for a seasoned actor, saying that Joe Biden tells the truth when he has brazenly and openly lied on camera about so, so, so many topics....like his degrees, academic record etc must have required a few takes while he/she composed him/herself after falling off his/her chair laughing.


Once again demonstration that it is the side that matters to the Left not the cause. Maybe Mrs Barack Hussein Obama can visit Baltimore and see what 53 years of Dementiacrat Government looks like.


She/he makes him sound like a saint, but a saint he ain't. It was quite pathetic to hear the desperation in her/his voice, they will do anything to regain power, even having a black woman/man endorsing a racist, criminal, hair sniffing arsehole like Joe Biden.

Victor. W



Poor Michelle. Her greatest disappointment in life has been she was not born a white baby. And it shows.


Michael Please, not while I'm eating lunch, now I'll have to change my shirt!




Why would anyone take any notice of Michelle Obama? She also endorsed crooked Hillary in 2016.


If he cared for kids and not lusted for them, he would know all their little lives matter.He would not stand for genocide of little black children by the Uncle Toms of the KKK, BLM.


Latest news..... Kamala is really Cameron!


Yeah... cringeworthy!

Steve J

Listen to what she said not how she emoted it. She must realise it is lie after lie.
He's a profoundly decent man guided by faith; that's why he believes in abortion.
He knows what it takes to rescue an economy; that's why there was less than 1%GDP growth in the last few years of Obama/Biden, that's why they did Nafta and gave favoured nation treatment to China, that's why he supports the green new deal, that's why he wants to massively increase taxes.
He knows how to beat back a pandemic; that's why he condemned the China travel ban as xenophobic.
He tells the truth; even if that is contradicted by the facts.
He trusts science; that is why he wants everyone compelled to wear a mask everywhere for 3 months, because that's what the science says!
He has lived a life the rest of us can recognise; as a cossetted politician for 47 years with his snout firmly in the trough the whole time and doing corrupt deals for the benefit of family members.
He lost his first wife and 2 children; now he's lost his marbles as well.
He knows what its like to struggle; like he did with his Law degree, although it did help him understand plagiarism.

Keith Bates

Did you notice she is shaking her head all the time while singing Joe's praises. You can fake the words but not the body language

Ron O'Lakes

I'm with you on this 'blunder.
I swear if I hear anyone refer to the beautiful, the stunning, the vivacious Michelle I'll puke.
It's a Barry Crocker.
Although it's close, I reckon the only political spouse that beats her in the "scare the beejeezzzuzz out a ya" stakes is Macron's mother...errr I mean wife.
Mind you, only because she isn't the politician's spouse but is the politician, I have left out the lovely, vivacious Jacinta. She gives 'em both a run for their money.

Marg from fnq

That brown woman reeks of insincerity. Must be taking acting lessons from Megain Markle. I didn’t watch it all. Did she cross her hands over her heart.?

Marg from fnq

Remember Joan Rivers who got Killaried after outing Michael as a tranny?

seeker of truth

Michelle said Joe Biden tells the truth. Past performances show that he doesn't, especially when it came to his tertiary academic results and his attempts to visit Nelson Mandela in jail in Soweto (when in fact Mandela was imprisoned on Robben Island at that time).

And apparently it is Joe's childhood stutter that is responsible for his woeful interviews/addresses these days, though Michelle said he overcame the stutters but in this interview with The Atlantic magazine, stuttering still troubles him and he gets stuck on works. Joe stuttered over a few words in the interview (maybe deliberate or maybe it is still a problem). According to the author of the article who is also a stutterer, the strategy Joe uses, as can be seen in his televised interviews/addresses, is to pause and then come up with another word instead of the one that is causing him a problem. Believe it or not.


seeker of truth

A big more on Joe Biden and his verbal stuff ups, caused by stutter problem or something else.

Joe claims it is not a stutter problem -

"Former Vice President Joe Biden told "Axios on HBO" that stuttering isn't to blame for a string of verbal mistakes in the 2020 campaign.

Why it matters: A reporter for The Atlantic who stutters wrote recently that he studied Biden’s verbal miscues and concluded that lifelong stuttering struggles were to blame.

The piece suggested that Biden's boyhood stutter, which he has talked about throughout his political career, is still with him. But in the "Axios on HBO" interview, Biden said that's not how he sees it.

“I don't think of myself as continuing to stutter. ... That doesn't cross my mind that I'm stuttering,” Biden said. “Look, the mistakes I make are mistakes. And some people think I still stutter. I don't think of myself that way.”

Sometimes, Biden said, "I'll find myself searching for a second" to find the words — but "I've always attributed that to being tired and not to the stutter."

Biden has had a number of verbal stumbles during the campaign. He referred to the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, Ohio, as taking place in Houston and Michigan, and he said he met with the Parkland high school students as vice president when that mass shooting happened after he left office.

But Biden dismissed those as a meaningless media obsession. He said his age isn't to blame, claiming he’s operating at "110%" of the mental skills he had when he was vice president — "better than I was."
“(Voters) don't think I lost a step. There's no evidence to suggest that. You guys love it. You guys love it. But I haven't seen any evidence of that.”

Biden did talk about the embarrassment he faced as a child because of his stutter. "I remember stuttering when I had to speak publicly, when I had to stand up and read. When I had to. And it was mortifying," Biden said.

But in the long run, Biden said, the experience was "maybe the best thing that ever happened to me. Because it gave me an insight that I don't know that I would have ever had before, that everybody has something ... that is not something they're able to overcome just by saying, 'I'm not going to do that.'"


So Joe admits he just stuffs up. Pity that admission isn't that widespread by the Left media.


I suspect the last five minutes of that clip showing Mick rolling around on the floor laughing his arse off was cut!!

Still, the two minute speech without cracking up at the bullshit showed some acting talent.


Wow. She couldn't have tried to sell it more if she was desperate for everyone to believe her. Oh wait..


So cheesy, I'm now lactose intolerant!


Wall to wall BS .


Full Of It. Becoming Boring!

Up The Workers!

Creepy Old "Joe of the Dead" now has Mrs B.O. pushing his barrow.

Isn't her word held to be worth only half that of a man's in her hubby's religion?

Her hubby's word is held to be not worth half a pinch of goat-manure by most American citizens, so I wouldn't lose any sleep over anything Mrs B.O. has to say.

Maybe somebody should tell Old "Joe of the Dead" that there will be plenty of time for him to be several metres underground AFTER the Arkanciding in another month or two.

Going there now looks a bit like over-egging the pudding.

Maybe he is just getting to know all the maggots personally?

Francis de Groot's Love Child

She? Sure?


Must have found some adenochrome to deliver that performance. Certainly win an award in the high school end of year drama.


I just wonder if this is one of those AI dolls/ models computer generated, she/it looks much younger, the voice also. I saw something recently how they can create these replicas of real people. I also wonder if it is the Trump team doing this to cover for the fact that Michael May also be in Gitmo, maybe Biden and Obama.
A lot of strange things happening.


Macron's beard.


I wouldn't have believed that so many lies could be packed into 1:21 if I hadn't seen it for myself.

Up The Workers!

Even "Creepy Old Joe of the Dead's" head of hair is a lie.

Up The Workers!

Michele should do herself a favour and buy herself a Rexona Women's Deodorant Roll-On.

It is reputed to rid regular users of their B.O.

Her B.O. has been troubling her for years - especially after he eats oysters!.

Up The Workers!

She needs whatever Michael Jackson was on (before all the [propofol and diazepam), as it was often said of him while he was alive that:

"America is truly the home of the free.

In what other place could a poor black boy possibly grow up to become a rich white woman?"

Up The Workers!

Spot on!

Michelle Obama and her husband are both brown-skinned.

Their skin colour is wholly immaterial to a conservative; but to the ignorant and violent Marxist racists, looters, shop-lifters and arsonists of the B.L.M. Movement, their lives literally don't matter because they are not black - which is the murderous racists' favourite colour.

When will KKKillary Clinton, Old Nancy Gin-Bottle, Schiff-for-Brains, No-Nads and Chucky Schumer invest in a Jumbo-sized tin of Nugget and do a progressive "Just-a-True-Dope" and alter their reviled present skin colour to the more politically correct Leftard one?

After all, it seems to work for the Canadian Prime Minstrel - every Friday and Saturday night at all the parties he regularly attends.

Up The Workers!

Joe's own hair is about as authentic as his imagined top-of-the-class Law Degree.

He was bald as a badger on top some 40 years ago, so how come he has a supposed full head of white hair now that he is in his extreme dotage?

Still, even a nomadic thatch of replaceable imitation hair is probably not as objectionable as the large pointy white hat and face-mask with cut-out eye-holes he used to wear to lynchings back in the "good-ole-days".

Andre Lewis

She also blamed Trump for "children put in cages" on the US Mexico border. She must have forgotten that the cages were built and used for this purpose on her husbands presidential watch. It was an oversight surely?


gee she missed out on the most important joe "lost his...." in this sad sack plea and that is......

On his way to the White House, Joe "lost his MIND""

there that finishes off that speech off nicely

Philip W Werley

She is shaking her head the entire time. Wonder why?

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