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On media reporting of The Prophet Muhammad v Jesus Christ the Saviour and Redeemer

Great comment today from reader FSH who asks why media

"...always refer to 'The prophet' Mohammed, but never to 'The saviour and redeemer' Jesus Christ.

They also qualify their reporting with 'Christians believe ...' but not 'Muslims believe Mohammed was a prophet'".

Media organisations operate with 'style guides' that regulate the way words are used and issues reported.

You may be interested in the ABC and BBC style guides, respectively:
The BBC also has its own glossary for the Catholic Church
Quite worryingly, for a taxpayer funded organisation, our ABC has a secret style guide for Islamic matters:
For a more comprehensive overview of terminology in Islam, consult the Arabic and Islamic Primer on the ABC Intranet.

Screen Shot 2020-08-01 at 7.53.09 am

In its public style-guide, the ABC is crystal clear, Mohammed is the (definite article, one only) prophet of Islam.


Preferred spelling for the prophet of Islam.

The BBC differs on the spelling and adds 'founder of Islam' - but they're also on the same page, he's the Prophet.

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The BBC isn't on the same page when it comes to other churches, no human, it says should ever be referred to as the head!

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Only God and ABC staffers know what's in the secret Islamic primer, but publicly the ABC thinks jihad, including violent action is viewed as "something positive for a Muslim to do".  Such things as will amaze you.


Jihad means “effort” or “striving” and refers to a struggle on behalf of a principle. It is viewed as something positive for a Muslim to do and it applies to many spheres of life, not only violent actions.