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Louise Milligan & 4 Corners - sloppy, malicious or both?

Reader & now retired DET SGT Doubtful John on the George Floyd arrest bodycam video

Former chief of detectives at a very busy Sydney local area command Doubtful John has been there and done that.

Today he wrote to us with this insight into the George Floyd arrest.

You can't say, "I can't breathe" if you are being strangled. In fact, you can't say anything anything at all.

A knee to the back of the neck isn't an effective method to asphyxiate a person.

Strenuous exertion will sometimes trigger cardiac arrest in a drug effected subject resisting arrest. I know that because I had one of the arrests I was involved in die in the struggle.

I know I didn't kill him.

He killed himself with his lifestyle and aggression.


You might remember John's night out with a nut case who turned his police car into a colander.