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Reader Stuart Hamish rips into Daniel Andrews 'Apart but Together' strapline knocked off from this US company

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That's the logo for the American merchandising company which flogs cheap doormats, t-shirts and flags under the 'Apart but Together' strapline, recently knocked off by the even cheaper Daniel Andrews.


Our reader Stuart Hamish has some brilliant observations about the Marxist cliche which is Daniel Andrews.

Apart but together 

Its almost a satire of Orwellian Newspeak but Andrews and his bureaucrats with their generous salaries unaffected by the draconian lockdown seem to believe it.

The Covid 19 infection surge in Victoria is a crisis created by his Labor governments incompetence. Its not that "complex".

  • The Cedar Meats (a Labor party donor) cluster cover up.
  • The hotel quarantine fiasco.
  • The Eid festivities spike .
  • The nod and wink permission for BLM demonstrators to mass in the thousands - safe in the knowledge they would not be prosecuted while Victorians gathering in pairs or small groups are punished.

Andrews has gone from disparaging face masks to enthusiastically demanding everyone wear them. Was this policy oscillation on the advice of his health experts?

So who does he blame for the contagion spike?

Families. Straight out of the Marxist-Leninist playbook.

So much for "The whole way through this I promised to be upfront".

Now he's posturing as Churchill - "With grit, with guts and together" - "We can, we will get through this".

Victorians may be more respectful of Dan Andrews if he summoned the courage to censure the Chinese Communist Party regime that disappeared whistle-blowing doctors and refused to close their borders, unleashing this pandemic on the world.