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Trump's Presidential Pardon tomorrow - time to come home Julian Assange?

This is our mate, former Royal Australian Navy 'gun-buster' - Weapons Engineer, Warrant Officer Garry Goldsworthy.


Garry and I've been discussing politics for many years now.  

He's an astute observer.

And I think he's on the money about tomorrow's Presidential Pardon.

Garry says:

I have a pretty good idea who is soon going to be free.

Free to tell the world all that he knows.

Julian Assange.

An Australian who has never published a fake news report.

Let's rock and roll!

I agree.

The US Constitution provides that a US President

....shall have Power to grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offenses against the United States

The US Constitution doesn't require a conviction for a Presidential Pardon.

While Julian Assange hasn't been convicted, he's been indicted on US Federal Offences (or if you must 'Offenses").  

And tomorrow, I think President Trump may pardon him.

If so I hope he accepts the pardon (a presidential pardon has no effect until it is accepted, and acceptance requires an admission of guilt) and comes home.  

To watch the lefty heads explode.