ABS stats out today - almost one million jobs lost from March to June quarters this year
OTD 9 SEPT 1945 - General Blamey accepts Japanese surrender at Morotai, ending Australian WW2 operations

Victoria Police hand-deliver this warning letter in anticipation of further protests

I've just received this note from Luke Martinez
This is the letter given to me to police this morning. Not "John M".

Here is the original post I made: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2772952819627529&set=a.1390198477902977&type=3
It looks like its been copied and taken by others and claimed as theirs. But it was hand-delivered by police to me this morning.
Luke posted:

I never planned to go to any protest on the 13th.

But it didn't stop the cops from knocking on my door attempting to intimidate me for speaking out regarding unnecessary curfews, never ending lockdown, and hotel quarantine failures that started this whole mess.

There are no active cases in Goldfields or in Ballarat. Why are we locked down?

Also, if there is something to protest about. It's got to be this blatant attempt at intimidation. It's definitely making me think about what I should do on the 13th... #dictatordan #lockdownvictoria #victoriapolice

Luke sent me a photo of the envelope from police addressed to him in which the notice was delivered - I won't publish that, but I thought you'd like to know that the notice is now framed and taking pride of place on Luke's wall!
Very worrying - police monitoring citizens online activity and taking police action over it.
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