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Notification to the Hotel Quarantine Inquiry from a legal reader of conspicuous distinction - Marmion

So, 24 minutes before the National Cabinet meeting finished at 1:00PM on Friday 27 March 2020, David Millward was advising his staff at 12:36PM to go on to a Health Department Web page to undertake a 10 minute course in infection control.

My, what coincidence!

I recall Premier's Department Secretary, Chris Eccles gave evidence that he stepped out of the National Cabinet to give Jobs Department Secretary a heads up on the move to Hotel Quarantine and asked him about his ability to source hotel rooms and to check with someone else on logistics.

Jobs Secretary, Simon Phemister said in his evidence he also phoned Kym Peake, Secretary of the Health Department to give her a heads up as he formed the view that her Department would be engaged in the health responsibilities of Hotel Quarantine.

So did someone, in the Jobs Department or someone in thee Health Department, give a "Heads up" to David Millward of Unified Security, before or during the meeting of the National Cabinet when it decided on Hotel Quarantine?

What about National Cabinet secrecy?

The Hotel Quarantine Inquiry is meeting again at 10:00AM tomorrow for hearings.

Perhaps they should be alerted to this and add this to their stated plans to examine in detail the contracts of private security and the payments to them.

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