Police Remembrance Day. We will remember them.
Andrews, Mikakos, Neville, Pakula and ors referred for prosecution under criminal provisions of Victoria's Occupational Health & Safety Act


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I'll be very interested to see what Dr Young does...there is something VERY wrong with the criminalising of Hydroxychloroquine when there is unarguable proof that it works and can save your life if administered early if you succumb to Covid19.

Michelle Two

Did you see Craig Kelly and George had this open letter censored by media in newsprint, they would not publish it..
Now the true exposure is coming out where controlled media play their script to protect..

Up The Workers!

Maybe the bereaved relatives of all those loved-ones needlessly killed by the Labor Leprosy/Peking Pox/Socialist Syphilis/Chi-Com Cough/Bolshevik Bronchitis/Leftard Laryngitis/Dodgy Dan's Distemper, should all sue the A.L.P. Leftard idiots who needlessly banned a proven life-saving drug for no better reason than plain pig-headed Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Sounds awfully like nearly 800 instances of Industrial Homicide to me.

Let's test out how robust those new "Industrial Homicide" laws are...we are still waiting for the similar charges to be prosecuted in connection with the 4 insulation installers killed on the job installing the pink and silver roof batts under Labor's mad vote-buying scam a few years ago.

There were also the 2,000 International Centrelink Seeking undocumented aspiring Labor voters drowned by Labor's two genius "Ministers for Porous Boarders and People-Smuggler Franchising", Chris Buffoon and his pal "The Berk!"


** If you have a child friend or someone addicted to social media, facebook - You-tube etc - This link and article is worth reading **


Part of article
'It makes you want to throw your phone in the bin': The film turning teens off social media

Watching the founders of the world's biggest social media platforms describe how bad they are for young people's mental health, 15-year-old Neisha Biviano had to pause to give herself time to take it all in.

Almost instantaneously, the bombshell Netflix documentary, The Social Dilemma, changed her relationship with the platforms upon which her generation grew up.

"I had to pause it a couple of times to really just take in the information I had never heard before, especially from these CEOs and corporations who run all these apps.

"It was just scary to think everything they're telling me right now - these apps are on my phone and I use them daily," said the year 10 student.

"It just makes you want to stop and throw your phone in the bin it's so eye-opening."

In it, many of the co-creators of global platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and others reveal they are so concerned about the harms of social media that they ban or severely restrict their kids' use.

Social psychologist and New York University professor Jonathan Haidt notes a “gigantic increase” in depression, anxiety, self-harm and suicide among pre-teen and teenage children, Gen Z, who have been on social media since mid-primary school.

He says numbers of teenage girls admitted to hospital for self-harm including cutting were stable until around 2011-13, but in the US these have risen 62 per cent for 15-19-year-olds and 189 per cent for pre-teen girls; "that is horrifying".

"We've seen the same pattern with suicide," he said. In older teen girls it's up 70 per cent compared with the first decade of this century and "in pre-teen girls, who had very low rates [previously] it's up 151 per cent and that pattern points to social media."

"The powerful thing for kids to identify is that something they care about so much has no care for them other than as revenue ... there is nothing new in this, but it makes it a whole lot more personal."

Lonesome Joe

With Christensen and Kelly's name on the letter a Labor appointed public servant will need to seek advice from the Labor Premier, rather than Dr Young making her own unbiased decision.

Steve J

Young doesn't make her own decisions.
She does what she is told.
The Commonwealth could end this Border farce tomorrow by regulations made under its Biosecurity Act which were inconsistent with the state restrictions.
It could throw in its power to regulate interstate trade and commerce or make laws affecting corporations to make the border closures completely unworkable.
It could use its Corporations power to mandate the supply of Hydroxychloroquine by Pharmaceutical companies to Doctors.
State restrictions would then have no legal force.
That it does none of these things shows where Morrison's true attitudes are.
While Polls show support for Andrews and Qld border closures he will do nothing (and be nothing).


I mention this video most days when I comment in the Australian. The ABC will never air it. Could one of you smart people make it into clip similar to the ABC on Election. I still laugh when I see that.

Mad Melburnian

The minute Donald Trump endorsed hydroxy as a worthwhile treatment was the minute The Left refused to even consider it.


They will be lucky if Jeanette Young bothers to read it. Craig and George not the right Party. Therefore shoot the messenger.


I wonder if anyone in Australia knows the swamp creature who controls most of our politicians/Unions/MSM.


Dead right...Andrews and his collection of idiots should all be up on manslaughter charges.

Michelle Two

This sure is getting interesting to see how far corruption is reaching..
WorkSafe chief Colin Radford must reply to the Phillips letter either stating that he will lodge prosecutions or, if not, Radford must state the reasons why he is not proceeding.

Radford does not have an easy task because he is a former press secretary to premiers Steve Bracks and John Brumby, and he knows well and is friends with many of those he is being asked to prosecute.

Another Ian

We'll see if this gets the same response from "the electric lovies"

"Saving American Jobs – President Trump Introduces Lordstown Motors 2021 Endurance Pickup Truck – Video and Transcript…"



You left out Kung Flu, for shame!


I think George and Craig need to look closer to home - Andrew Bolt on the 'conservative' government's position on HCQ (starts at the relevant point): https://youtu.be/B0hRaUdzsOU?t=374


It was banned in Queensland after Trump endorsed it. The supplies were flying off the shelf because GPs were prescribing it themselves and their family.

It would be nice of some reporters FOIed the reasons for it's ban. It was banned before the federal task force had anything to say on it.


If only Trump said HCQ was crap, the lefties would have been pronouncing it as a miracle cure and it would have been made available to us peasants. So many doctors have green/left bent...too busy and get all their info from their abc me thinks.

Dennis Thompson

They do not want a treatment that could save most patients from suffering COVID-19.

Well, not until after the state election.

Another Delcon

Well said . I couldn't agree more ! Australia's worst ever mass murderer should be spending some serious clink time . Same goes for some of the chairman's associates . Craig Kelly has had it right all along .Well done for George Christensen for joining Craig . But what of the rest of the federal gove members of the house of reps and senate - can't they read ?

graham dunton

This may assist, in establishing the truth about hydroxychloroquine
Note- In February 2020, Raoult explained that COVID19 is statistically no more deadly than scooter accidents
This link
graham dunton-extracted
in my opinion they are important highlights.
The last highlight The mechanisms the link

Despite all the attempts by certain authorities to prevent COVID-19 treatment with HCQ and HCQ+AZ, both components are approved by FDA, and doctors can prescribe them for COVID-19.

Chloroquine, and its more contemporary derivative hydroxychloroquine, have remained in clinical use for more than a half-century as an effective therapy for treatment of some malarias, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis. … Despite these suggestive findings, several hundred million courses of chloroquine have been used worldwide making it one of the most widely used drugs in history, without reports of arrhythmic death under World Health Organization surveillance.
In other words, after over 50 years of effective use, HCQ and AZ have proven their safety and efficacy
The mechanisms of HCQ and HCQ+AZ action are explained (Hache & Raoult, 2020).

[email protected]

Coochin Kid

Wake up! You cannot have a pandemic if you have a cure.

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