As one of Her Majesty's erstwhile Constables of Police in Victoria, I'd resign rather than do this.
LA sheriffs ambushed & shot - protesters block hospital emergency room entrance yelling "we hope they die"

Reader Peter on Victoria's lockdown and the realities of bankruptcy


Hi Michael,

So depressing.  Been watching Dictator Dan prattling on about re-opening and granting us parole (hinting that will be when there’s a vaccine so he’s going to continue to manipulate data to justify locking us up til next year and some) and how we can (down the track) all support regional people and business get going again!

Having gone bankrupt years ago, even I was surprised how it shut down my entire future and I was never able to re-establish as a direct consequence of losing everything I had ever worked for and had accumulated to that period of my life when it happened.

Dickhead Dan seems to think he has simply put everything and everyone 'on hold’ (like turning off a tap) and when he is good and ready, he will simply ‘allow’ everyone to turn on the tap again and life will all be hunky dory and everything will simply ‘resume’ as though nothing ever happened.

Already there are thousands of businesses that are finished.  They will never return.  They won’t just turn on again when the grand Pooh-bah decrees it can be so. 

Already, there are flow on effects that will continue to choke the economy and other businesses from recovering for years to come.  The government data is always MASSIVELY lagging behind and will reveal shocking realities in the months ahead as it all slowly accumulates and flows through to their ‘Pie charts’.   

The extent of the damage to our State and its citizens that this clown is willingly inflicting as just an acceptable ‘’side-issue’ is treasonous.