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Robert Gottliebsen & The Australian call for Victorians to take a stand against Andrews Covid-19 legislation

Robert Gottliebsen and The Australian have done a great job in exposing the Andrews government's power grab.

Today, The Australian's publishes this email to Robert from a Victorian lawyer, farmer and Vietnam veteran.

Thank God we still have people like this among us.


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Here's the email to Robert.

“What has moved me to ‘pick up my pen’ is your excellent piece in The Australian this morning on the COVID-19 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) and other Acts Amendment Bill 2020.

“Many of us in my generation have been wondering how we have found ourselves in this position.

“We used to wonder how could the ‘good Germans’ have allowed the rise of Hitler and allowed him the powers he assumed?

“More recently, how could the Turks allow Erdogan to trample their rights and become a despot?

“And now we begin to understand. With apparent popular support, Andrews extends his power incrementally.

“The ability to protest has been physically shut down, using the police force that he controls.

“The fines for objecting are crippling – and now summary arrest and indefinite detention, over riding the Magna Carta given right of Habeas Corpus, is upon us.

“A version of the Stasi (East German secret police organisation) is within sight.

“Parliament has been shut down – ostensibly for health reasons but can be brought back to sit when it suits the dictator – to enable him to extend his power.

“The necessary number of cross benchers have been stood over or bribed to become compliant.

“The press seems largely compliant also – little hard questioning or criticism.

“Edmund Burke said that ‘the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing’

“I have been a lawyer, a farmer and a soldier with active service in Vietnam.

“I think that I have some intestinal fortitude but for the first time in my life I feel powerless to stop what seems to be an awful march to totalitarianism.

“Diverted by the virus we hear little or nothing from Canberra on this subject.

“We tell each other that this could not happen here in Australia – but the canary is coughing in the coal mine!

“I hope that I am being melodramatic but I fear not.

“Those of you who have a platform and can express our concerns – do please continue….”