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Some inside advice for Avi Yemini and his lawyers from former cop 'Nightwatchman'

I’m an ex-cop and Avi’s arrest should be a training video for student police for how NOT to conduct an arrest:-
1 Commander should’ve approached him and asked to sight press accreditation.
2 If Commander decided Avi was committing an indictable offence, he should have said, ‘you are under arrest for.......’ and Avi, if compliant should’ve been cautioned and led away unhandcuffed.
3 The Commander has no power to order constables to arrest someone. Those constables were observing Avi and none had formed the opinion he was committing an indictable offence requiring arrest until ‘ordered’ to
4 Under section 462A of the Victorian Crimes Act, Avi’s arrest was excessive.
Five police officers taking down a single, unarmed, compliant citizen and handcuffing them is a clear breach of the section.
A good case of unlawful arrest with excessive force.
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