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Victoria Police on protests - BLM "we're not able to stop people protesting" - anti-lockdown "we'll be out in the suburbs, we're not waiting, you'll be held to account"

Compare and Contrast

Exhibit One - 8 June, Premier Andrews on the "worthy cause" of Black Lives Matter protests.

“As Victoria Police made very clear, we weren’t able to stop people (ie BLM protesters)."

“For instance if we said we were going to stop people and close off the CBD, the protests would have happened somewhere else.

“You can’t lock 5,000 or however many thousand people up, you just can’t do that." 


Exhibit Two - Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius today on the 'unworthy' cause of the "batshit crazy, tinfoil hat brigade" who want to protest the lockdowns


Mr Cornelius said he was “outraged” at people planning to protest on Saturday and again urged everyone to stay at home.

He said Victoria Police had arrested and charged four people with incitement so far, including a 78-year-old Windsor man twice.

More than 80 people have also been issued official written warnings after being determined they were at risk of attending protests.

“We’ll be ready for you,” Mr Cornelius said.

“We’re not standing by to wait until you get into the city, we’ll be out there in the suburbs, and you can expect to be held to account.

“Don’t be selfish, stay at home, protest online, be the keyboard warrior, but don’t leave home to protest.”

Mr Cornelius said anyone who left home to protest would be fined and arrested if they failed to comply with police directions.

Those charged with incitement face court-imposed fines of up to $20,000.

“Don’t compromise the safety of all Victorians,” he pleaded.

“Every time you leave home to protest you’re exposing frontline workers, including police.

“Our family members like ourselves are impacted by these restrictions. We share the frustration … but leaving home to protest under the current conditions is absolutely not on.

“The best way to get out of this is to reduce movement across the community.”

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Whether it's the protection of Gillard/Wilson over their AWU crimes, the pursuit of Pell, the protection of Shorten, bills sent to conservatives over leftist demonstrations or the difference in policing 'worthy' BLM protests versus the show-arrest of a pregnant Facebook posting mum - the rule of law isn't applied equally in Victoria.

And that's deeply disturbing.