Victoria Police destroying their reputation live on camera
Biden's version - government of the people, by the people, for the people.


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The Lefties love of diversity now applies to rules.

Julie of Geelong

Yes, and so he should - that was ridiculous yesterday when he spoke in Afghan, and then said how much he loved the country.

Typical lefty!!!!


Hypocrites. Casey cluster gets off scot free while joe citizen travels just over his 5km and cops a fine. Dictator Dan must go.


What a disgrace, who's arse will he crawl up next.

34 codiv 19 posative and he grovels to them



Well, that settles question. They higher up totem pole than that black lady they handcuff on beach.
Remember she has valid medical reason, because she black needs more sun to get her vitamin D.
Lower Vitamin D, greater chance of dying if in ICU for Covid.

Wayne Shaft

Strong Cities Are Sustainable Cities Are Marxist Cities ....Check Your Post Code ...YOU May Reside In A STRONG City ...👁🦠👁

Up The Workers!

So if we all profess to have converted to Musbyterianism, will 'Mutton-done-Up-As-Scam' give us a written 'head-stomping and bashing exemption' on religious, political or just bigotry grounds too?

Or is there a medically-related reason for this vile partisan level of hateful discrimination and hypocrisy he and his scumbag Leftard bosses and their violent Gestapo are showing towards non-drug-dealers, non-members of the C.F.M.M.E.U., non-members of the racist B.L.M. (Burn, Loot & Murder) movement and non-Musbyterians?

What credible medical authority claims that Musbyterianism is an efficacious preventative of this mild version of the flu, known as Covid? Covid kills far fewer than the annual flu does, so the violence, bashings, "George Floydings", door-bootings, windscreen-smashings, mistreatment of heavily-pregnant women for the "crime" of email, and head-stomping and extortionate theft of cash from peaceful conservative Christian Australian taxpayers is all down to nothing more than pure A.L.P. Socialist barbarity, hatred and totalitarianism.

This whole farce is just a continuation of the vile anti-Christian hatred and bigotry shown by the Socialists in their attempts to slander and ruin Archbishop and Governor-General Peter Hollingworth of the Anglican Faith and Cardinal George Pell, of the Catholic faith.

Ian Rogers

If only the ex hospital-registrar loved Victoria ... we might all be in a better place ...

Mr Reynard

Brett.. You don't have to apologise ? We know, who's paying you & we know what you have to do for that money !

Michelle Two

These souls will keep suffering from "Foot in Mouth" disease as long as they keep running off lies and trying to keep in alignment with the high energy .. everything that is done out of fear will bring in the hypocrisy of running this current totalitarian agenda..
Within the bureaucracy it is going to be very stressful for all souls keeping up the pretense of fear in order to control others as it breaks every universal (divine) law of freewill on earth.. it is not sustainable as lies are short lived especially is such high frequency energy .. our conscience and higher soul will always bring us feelings of guilt when we need correcting ..

The soul is self balancing from dark to light or from high to low energy, your ego will lead you astray, your soul will bring you back to your reality and when you lie to yourself .. your own soul won't let you live it down.. that is when you over think and beat yourself up over what your said and done to hurt others intentionally as all souls are always given choices ..

If Life Is So Short you don't want to spend it worrying about what you have no control over..

Live it to the fullest and make the most of every opportunity, even being in lockdown you can use that time to do the things you have been putting off with self-care and looking after those in your household as this time to focus on self is creating many separations in the current energy, because souls were so focused on the material that love sometimes takes that back seat in trying to keep up with bills..
Release the worry over financials and focus on bringing it back into your life, and let go of what is out of your control as the bill collectors will understand your predicament so you can always work out a plan with them.. the more you fear the unknowing the more you talk yourself into creating the worst case scenerio..
Most souls at this time are being in a compassionate mode because so much is out of their control with the current totalitarian rules being put in place.. Let it go and the new opportunities will come to you if you believe and see yourself in a better position in life.. have faith in your own abilities to overcome all challenges being currently presented to you.. love and light xx

Hold onto me .. love always xx


Another example of multicultural hypocrisy. Where is the "equality" we are all supposed to yearn for? It doesn't exist and the white Christian majority just has to put up with it. Maybe, but maybe for not much longer.


Australia ranks 106 in the world when it comes to deaths per million (33)as a result of COVID-19. But I bet we would rank near the top when it comes to idiots per million especially in our governing classes.


He was really sucking up to them wasn't he, just pathetic. I don't know if it is just me but Dan Andrews comes across as very robotic and cold to me, there isn't a lot of emotion. He keeps saying that the numbers are coming down as if we should be bowing down to him like some sort of messiah, but very little mention is made of the daily number of deaths for which he is responsible.


No one is sticking up for him in the youtube comments. Such is life for a globalist puppet.


Obviously Andrews told him to apologise, for fear of losing the muslim vote in Vic, most of em vote Labor so again we see more bullshit from Andrews which he is a master at. And they won't pay any fines either for breaking the law these idiots got away with that too.

If ever a State could be damned head to tail by a complete control freak shifty jackass then Andrews fits the bill!

Michelle Two

Many souls in the city will be having a sea change after lockdown and move into regional area's to get their freedom back.. and it is cheaper so they will already be thinking about it.. and manifesting new dreams .. as their jobs are uncertain so the creation of new opportunities will be coming into these souls focus as it was in their soul planning..

Some might have even been thinking about it before the Political Covid lie/Illusion even started.. love and light xx


They have known since the hotel quarantine disaster that ethnic households and groups were hotspots. What in the hell did they do about it?


Reference again

Ian Rogers

Apparently, there’s some app or tool (etc) that determines if a Twitter “follower” is a genuine account, that is, set-up and run by a real person. Apparently, 44% of Comrade Andrews’ Twitter “followers’ are fake accounts, meaning the remaining 56% are actual, real-life fools.


By doing this apology the Afghans will be laughing at how weak this yellow belly is. It sends the message that Australians are cowards with no backbone (our Politicians that is). I am totally ashamed of what our country has become the brave Soldiers of past Wars would be disgusted with their rolling over.

Wayne Shaft

People Need To Stop Believing That This Is A Public Health Issue ....👺Ever See That Movie 🎥 Mutiny On The Bounty ...Andrews Is The Captain....Humphrey Bogart .....With The Marbles ...Just Before He Loses Them Completely......


Add crawler to your CV , arsewipe .


The Caine Mutiny .

[thank you. saved me from doing it.


seeker of truth

I recall that Krstina Keneally had the same fakeness about her twitter account followers. At the time Labor was bragging how popular she was and making traction with the public as Shorten's female spokesperson. Then all of a sudden when the revelation about fake followers was publicised, Keneally deleted most of her twitter history.


That would be because Google (owner of Youtube) won't publish the criticisms.....only comments that support that crawler.

Michelle Two

When I looked on the data input website the other day the death toll was a big fat 0 (zero)...

Julie of Geelong

Agree 100%.

What about the bloke putting out his rubbish bins @ 8.05pm a couple of weeks ago - he got fined.

The whole thing is a disaster.

ANDREWS must go!!!

Julie of Geelong

Fear of being labelled RACIST.

That would be the reason.


this excuse for a chief health officer should have had the guts to resign (like sanjeev) when the DA sidelined him out of the chain of command during the "emergency". but no. he valued and continues to value his govt. salary more than standing up for doing his job properly.

he is a coward in my book. stood by "helplessly" and let his health hotel where he suggested covid + returned travellers be concentrated (as a cohort) get altered into a debasement - a "hot" hotel - at the orders of the DA.

the only positive to his continued presence in victoria was his testimony at the judicial inquiry confirming his sidelining.
but he could have done that as a private citizen as per graham ashton.

one of the most disturbing things about the inquiry is learning the language these psuedo-leftists applied to the quarantine program.

citizens defined as "hot" and "detained".

sick stuff. the DA govt. is not left wing. it is so far left its ultra right fascism. what did hitler call himself? - a socialist.

Stuart Hamish

Another politically correct bureaucrat ..We now learn that Afghan community households who interacted in breach of lockdown restrictions contracted Covid 19 infections yet Dan Andrews - like some dictator whimsically doling out discretionary favors - has ruled out financial penalties for these families . Mindful that Victorian Muslim communities generally vote Labor and recalling the Muslim wedding in Broadmeadows allowed to go ahead with no financial penalties , compare this preferential exemption to the Serb Orthodox church service comprising 10 parishioners fined $16000 by the Victoria Police and a panoply of Luke Cornelius's " little people " - elderly women , a pregnant Ballarat mother ,a woman strangled into submission by a bully cop , an ADF veteran whose door was smashed in by a squad of police for a Facebook post and other angry protesters disgusted by the double standards [ none of whom were infected or spread the virus but detest the Labor government ]- all arrested and charged under the same Stage 4 strictures . By what legal authority is Premier Andrews authorized to arbitrarily grant immunity from prosecution for anyone breaching a draconian lockdown caused by his own governments incompetent bungling of the quarantine hotels ? Or is this another subtle validation of what many have suspected for some time : the Victoria Police force is not an independent public service but a politicized extension of the Labor Party. Uphold the Left

Michelle Two

A great quote for those struggling with the regime a reminder of the weak in society and how they crumble when challenged with the truth..

"A weakling can smile in the days of his success, but at troubles first sign, he will quit" that is where you see all the back flips and not having a strong foundation of truth but a theory based on lies and computer based models giving directions in policy.. love and light xx

Remember how strong your true foundation of soul is and use that power to overcome any challenge that life throws at you.. the heart is strong the ego is weak..

Wayne Shaft

China 🇨🇳 Have Chosen Victoria To Be The New Hong Kong 🇭🇰

seeker of truth

Andrews gives his excuse for not fining the five households who deliberately broke COVID lockdown restrictions as to movements outside the 5 km zone and visiting other households. That excuse was that he didn't want to fine people for telling the truth.

Now if these Afghan families had been stopped by the police while outside their 5km zone and on their visit to a relatives' house, would the police also not fine them? I think not. It is intent that is important. These Afghan families intended to break the laws imposed as to movement and family gatherings.

Piss weak Daniel Andrews. The dots would have been joined whether these rule breakers told the truth or not as positive COVID cases were found in the five families and genomic testing would have revealed the relationship.


This poncy pratt doesn't have a CV, it's a propaganda sheet!


Let's see...a liar......toes the party line...completely detached from reality....and..oh yeah, a muslim apologist!!

Expect to see this turd running for politics in the near future and parachuted into a safe labor seat!!

.....if there is such a thing after this!


Then remove them.


Rather cruel humour, yet I must applaud you!


There has to be a word one stage beyond 'cringeworthy' to describe that performance by the Vic CHO.


And yet on the news there are deaths every day.

Mr Reynard

No GUTS ! No Brain! No Pride & I don't mean Gay Pride , he can have that one ...

Bikinis not Burkas

Afghanistan was once a Buddhist country!
Where are the Buddhist now?
They are dead the filthy Muslims murdered them!

Who should be apologizing, but they won't because of:-

Quran (8:12) - "(Remember) when your Lord inspired the angels... "I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip.


Quran (8:39) - "And fight with them until there is no more fitna (disorder, unbelief) and religion is all for Allah"


Quran (9:5) - "So when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captive and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush, then if they repent and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate, leave their way free to them."

Don't expect an apology just expect more killing in the name of the mute stone idol named Allah.

Michelle Two

Good afternoon xx How are you?
I have those heavy eyes again today and a feeling of sadness not sure where the energy is coming from it is that feeling of not wanting to feel anything..Soul myst need to rise and ascend whole aligning with your true soul purpose..
Feels like soul is just waiting for that breakthrough..
Your message this morning was "Opportunity" I noticed I mentioned it in the comment above and how we create our own opportunities by direction our soul to the places or things we wish to manifest it can be for the long-term soul plan or in the present time and for now..
Listening and following our intuition will have us in the right place at the right time if it is only to receive your sign and message from others that cross your path..
Before we can manifest the new experiences we need to release the old and the past if your ego is still putting those self doubt feelings in front of you..
To help clear the obstacles from your path and to clear up any situation that has come up forgive others, forgive yourself and "Send Love To The Situation" was my second message then the final one was "Be Bold And Make The First Move" this message comes out quite often to remind you that your ego and fears will hold you back from fully expressing and light xx

Listen to your intuition to get your true message..

Matthew C.

Marxists and muslims; same devil daddy.

Matthew C.

It makes you sick how leftists bow and scrape over evil islam/muslims. They are such ignorant hypocrites; woke leftist soi boy hipsters walking around with their buddha tatts, completely oblivious to the persecution of these people by islam.

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