The Left's explicit calls for violence and more violence
Tragic figure, poor old Joe completely loses his train of thought in public. Again.

Victoria's Births, Deaths and Marriages - deaths registered per month

Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 8.27.10 am

The law requires doctors and funeral directors to notify the Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages Victoria (BDM) of deaths.

In the case of a reportable death, the Coroner must notify BDM as soon as practicable after being notified by the doctor.

Deaths are counted in the month we register them. The deaths may not have occurred in that same month.

You can also download a spreadsheet of this data.

Wider data sets are available for purchase. We can extract data with certain criteria, such as a date range. To purchase data, learn more about how to apply for registry data.

Deaths registered per month
Month Deaths registered
July 2020 3,561
June 2020 3,126
May 2020 3,270
April 2020 3,585
March 2020 3,291
February 2020 3,356
January 2020 3,464
December 2019 3,385
November 2019 3,478
October 2019 4,058
September 2019 3,108
August 2019 3,892
July 2019 4,102



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Labor politician nothing better to to than defend this.

A campaign to ban transgender women from rugby to protect female players from injury is 'transphobic', Labor senator and trans rights advocate Nita Green has said.

Rugby Australia is facing growing calls to ban transgender women from the female game after World Rugby research found they increase the risk of injuries by at least 20 per cent.

Liberal senator Claire Chandler has been campaigning to 'protect women's safety' by banning transgender athletes - but in a fiery speech on Monday Senator Green accused her of transphobia.

*** Crazy next they will be saying women fights have to accept transgenders ****

Michelle Two

There has been less deaths then because people are being locked up in their homes, and having it drummed into them to wash hands, sanitize hands and wipe all surfaces down so it is a sterile environment that we currently have, which the theory of the darkforce was to make us more susceptible to their fear of a virus so they were working on many different aspects mainly the psychological one and the emotional blackmailing in order to sell their vaccine that they never had ready..
(Less vehicle accidents, and other causes of death if we are locked in our houses we are not taking as many risks, you can't die from overeating chocolate or snacking which many are doing as it is a way one copes with emotions and protection of their soul energy, comfort food reminds one of home)..

Why didn't they have it ready because this was the last ditch effort as they know the writing was on the wall come the "2020 USA election" they had lost control and the darkforce battle that was going on within the organizations responsible had withdrawn .. so what erupts on the surface is the manifestation of fear held by those who incite violence as this is the last card they have in the propaganda and psychological war gaming that is taking place now as they burn down the suburbs and cities where the cultists exist..
They don't care all the innocent lives that are taken because they planned on depopulating ALL NATIONS anyway and have a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT ruled by the Elite as they class themselves but they are the criminals in expensive suits that want to see you murdered and your children stolen as their greatest terror of all.. love and light xx


World death totals. More people have died from Aids this year. Psychiatric deaths not that far behind the Covid, no surprises there.

Michelle Two

You can see the media scorecard system of Covid are the ones that are inciting fear and bringing the drama on in who is getting arrested to bring on more fear.. the truth will always show up the darkness.. and you can't escape it all that is done to manipulate and control is backfiring on these souls that are trying it.. love and light xx


Here are some more interesting figures related to covid 19 in America released by the CDC it shows there have been more deaths this year from pneumonia than from covid 19, but it is what it doesn't show that is most interesting, it doesn't show all deaths related to covid 19 "only", it lumps covid 19 in with pneumonia and influenza, talk about fudging the figures.


It is now clear that the responses of several States to the pandemic have been political, while pretending to medical.

Those political responses have been highly successful in that the citizens of those States are now largely brainwashed by their Premiers' narratives.

Who could have imagined that networked totalitarianism could prevail so easily and so quickly?


Causes of death, Australia
Here[email protected]/0/0E25B19FEA63D324CA25859000222EBD?Opendocument


It will be interesting to see what the real figures are in Australia when the dust settles .
This week the CDC quietly updated the Covid - 19 fatalities! The real and truthful numbers (unlike those reported by the fake news) reflect that only 6% of all 164,280 deaths recorded actually died from Covid-19! What this means is the real number of fatalities for COVID-19 in the USA amount to 9,857 deaths out...
Look at the graphs and evidence this is a scam , it was designed around population eradication of the elderly you take them out then you take away all of the story telling of history and the knowledge.
Dr Robert O Young lays it out.

seeker of truth

A little more info from the Vic BDM as to where deaths occurred in April, May and June 2020, be it in hospitals, nursing homes, usual place of residence or other -

It would be good if we could compare 2019 data with this data. Are there more people dying in nursing homes now than in 2019 for those months?

Up The Workers!

If the Left's latest Apocalyptic Catastropharianist horror-story had any truth to it and was a completely new form of death and destruction suddenly unleashed upon us all, wouldn't you expect to see a marked increase in the total monthly numbers of deaths per month since Feb/March this year?

Where are those increased numbers of deaths?

Hospitals were instructed to fraudulently attribute cancer, heart attack, dementia, diabetes, stroke, and other co-morbidities as Covid deaths regardless of whether the patient died FROM or WITH Covid 19. Has anybody AT ALL died FROM Covid, rather than with it?

Hard to tell now with cremations of the dead and the sheer Labor-approved gillarded bullshit on their Death Certificates.

They are certainly not shown noticeably in the statistics above - not even in Deadly Dan's Lethal Labor Leprosarium of Mogadishu-By-The-Yarra, according to "Hatches, Matches and Despatches".

Coincidentally, it follows exactly the same relationship to reality as the Left's Humpty Dumpty tales about how the savagely-increasing temperatures of gerbil worming are all roasting, baking and frying us all to fiery deaths, and yet it is still freezing cold if you have to get up in the early hours to make a trip to the loo. It's an uphill battle to convince somebody at 3.00 on a winters' morning that you are being savagely roasted to death by the climate when you are actually freezing your macadamias off.

The evidence to support all their bloviating and gillarding, just isn't there.

It wasn't there for their lies about global cooling and the next Ice Age; wasn't there for gerbil worming; wasn't there for Cardinal Pell's bogus Lying Labor Party stitch-up of lies, fraud and deceit; isn't there for Deadly Dan's totalitarian Gulag-like lock-up of the innocent whilst his Labor-protected Richmond heroin-dealer, coke-dealer and ice-dealer pals all have a Labor-gifted exemption from the laws which have thrown millions of innocent, decent WORKING men and women out of their jobs, livelihoods and incomes.

Drug dealers in the filthy needle-strewn alleyways, kiddies' playgrounds and schoolyards of Richmond don't get their windscreens violently smashed-in by the Labor Revenue-Gougers, nor are they subdued with choke-holds; nor by being sat upon by 3 overweight Labor Black-Shirts; nor by being pepper-sprayed in the face; nor by being publicly "George Floyded" on the footpath whilst being arrested.

No doubt where Labor's loyalties lie. Jim's Mowing contractors are treated like criminals while the Party and their Revenue Gougers turn a deliberate blind eye to the purveyors of white powdered substances in downtown Richmond.

Maybe Jim Penman needs to start up "Jim's Heroin, Coke and Ice-Dealers" in order to get his franchisees back into work again?

Would that get Deadly Dan and his Cabinet of Labor Leprosarium Leeches off his back?


And the answer is a pineapple.


If Bill Shorten had have got in imagine the chaos wed be living in. Dan Andrews when announcing the death toll this AM and those in hospital and on ventilators seemed to get a little excited, (in my view). What sickens me is they are not using some treatment therapy's early that may help those with covid. Cannot help thinking China is pulling the strings of their puppet (Dan). When the journalist got arrested in China it was reported that she was quite vocal about the boarder closures. Why should this matter to China? Beginning to think they want maximum disruption to us as they'd benefit from it in some way.

The other thing that bothers me is Dan Andrews still receives support from the electorate. He needs a lynch mob for what hes done to the state. They are either completely brainwashed or deranged. Victoria's not a state Ill be going to anytime soon. Forget the tennis etc. You'd be lucky to get out with your lives with the way the states been run. At this stage Victoria's the dark force and is going to be left behind the rest of the country.


Exactly why Melbourne doctors have written to Dictator Dan about lifting the stage 4 restrictions and urging parliament not to give him emergency powers for another 6 months...


Dan's numbers are all over the place, deliberately misleading. There were not 41 deaths in 24 hours on Sunday there were only 8. The other 33 were a backlog since July from aged care.
Bretty boy never reveals who died OF the virus rather than WITH the virus, the deaths are all lumped as covid despite relatives saying they died of cancer or whatever.

Michelle Two

From what I am observing these souls in nursing homes or just elderly can't wait to go home as their soul no longer wants to be here, a soul is in charge of their own exit in whatever way they pass they at an esoteric level chose it..
Their souls will return quicker and reincarnate to help with the rebuilding.

If you only knew the true soul and heeded the words of the master of love when he said he chooses when to leave the earth and physical body it was never up to his tormentors as he never really left the earth as his legacy is still followed so there fore his soul energy remains in the souls who were touched by his presence in all forms he is still the teacher and guide for them all as we have returned in a different form in all and light xx


Great to see some health officials who are not living in lala land and really do care for the peoples' welfare. Unlike the Premier Daniel Andrews, Health Minister Jenny Mikakos and the Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton
These people are either too incompetent to be in public office or they have nefarious intentions for the people of Victoria. Maybe even both?

The above link has omitted parts of the letter from the Melbourne doctors. Here is a link which sets out the letter in its entirety.

Up The Workers!

So if Arnold Schwarzenegger had a sex-change, the dribbling Labor loon who came up with this latest imbecilic notion, could see no inequity whatsoever with him contesting the Mincing Poodle or the current Leader of the Brown Movement (or both) in a tug-of-war, for example?

Sounds fair to me.

Michelle Two

How many in the nursing homes had a shot for the flu and got tested positive or cause for death noted as Covid 19?
Are those statistics going yo make the light of many elderly consented to the vaccines or was it a policy instruction for all residents?
Many questions need to be asked before this is over
The only problem is those that wish to depopulate are in charge of the research and what the public gets informed about..

Don't stop asking the questions though as the truth always finds its way out by the souls with a conscience in all industries.

Steve J

The deaths have largely been of elderly people with co morbidities.
The reason for the stability in the number of people dying may be largely explained by the observation that many of the people in this category would have died anyway.


Hmm. They must have forgotten to put death by abortion.
Tops the lot!


Good questions.
The main cause of death in this country is death by abortion. Never mentioned in the media.
I think that a populace and govt that doesn't care about the children, isn't going to give a hoot about the elderly.

Michelle Two

Yes and many elderly locals were I have heard their relatives say they have had enough and are ready to leave, including my Aunty and two of the elderly ladies whose relatives I spoke to before they passed one only yesterday I heard this morning about 3 weeks ago I heard her daughter at the club as I walked past tell someone that her mum was ready to die, this morning I just heard she had..
I am hearing it more and more, I sometimes sense the death of others not in a morbid way but just a passing thought and sometime it can be weeks before I actually hear they pass over..

For months before my own sons passing I had that feeling of dread and awful thoughts running through my soul as I sensed the soul plan, other events surrounding his death gave me the clues of spirit anx opening the door didn't come until much later..
So if you have any elderly you are close to heed their call and show them how much you love them while they are here and thank them for teaching you well because they have all intentions to return..if you recognise traits of your ones passed in your grandkids or even them mentioning reincarnation stuff don't shut them down as you always meet again in the most unlikely scenes as you know them by soul frequency and through and light xx


I think they don't even have to have the operation, just identify as one, possibly also take a few of the hormone drugs.


Seeker it could be said that Covid was prevalent in July 2019!!!!

Up The Workers!

Yeah...Labor's genocidal "pro-death lobby" must be ecstatic.

What a colossal pity that their own mothers never practised all those years ago, what their daughters subsequently preached!

Michelle Two

Things look dire in the way of a vaccine as there is a shortage of monkeys to kill first before they trial it on humans
What a sick world the Pharma companies live in where animals are used first, before the depopulation of humans starts.
All in the name of money, drugs and not finding a cure but a way to inject god knows what into your body to change your genetic makeup .
A shortage of monkeys in the United States will delay efforts to develop a vaccine for the coronavirus, researchers have warned.

Tests on rhesus macaque monkeys are typically the last hurdle before human trials can begin. But as scientists race to advance scores of possible vaccines and therapies, US research centres are saying that there are not enough monkeys to undergo trials.

Andrea Bonezzi

IT is time to update this and the numbers in the last year are not good. The number for july and august this year are up 10% from last year despite not having hundreds of cocid or flu deaths

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