Vic Govt inclusion executive sent by Trades Hall Council to help the union body "learn more" about Unified Security
"The Stars Salute The President" - remember when we could laugh with each other?

Why doesn't their ABC talk about their own video of Andrews thanking the PM for offer of ADF?

This photo's from the front page of The Australian today.

The Hotel Quarantine Inquiry accepted Daniel Andrews' evidence that he didn't know the ADF had been offered to him in support of hotel quarantine.

His chief-of-staff can't remember a flamin' thing (CRAFT).

So to keep the man who set the inquiry up (Premier Andrews) in the clear, the inquiry will blame his COS for failing to pass on the offer of ADF troops. 

Screen Shot 2020-09-29 at 9.28.39 am

Doesn't gel well with what Andrews said at the time.