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ABC 4 Corners - 4 more years of Trump 'will do incalculable and irreversible damage to US democracy'

Australian taxpayers should send the US Democrats a bill for the hour-long 4 Corners anti-Trump ad we paid for last night.

The show opened with these words, spoken over vision of Trump's inauguration:

America  faces a decisive  choice.  

If he’s re-elected and has another four years,  incalculable and perhaps irreversible damage will be done to American  democracy and how America  operates  and what it stands for in this world. 

So really,  everything is at stake for the future of the country.    

The speaker was Bruce Wolpe former Obama staffer and chief of staff to Julia Gillard.

But 4 Corners viewers weren't told that.

Wolpe wasn't introduced and there was no sub-title naming him.

His claims were presented unchallenged, as if they were statements of fact.

It's pretty insulting to the 50 odd percent of Americans who back Trump to say that their choice will do 'incalculable and perhaps irreversible damage to American democracy'.

But the ABC had no qualms framing their show that way.

Last night's show was unvarnished propaganda with no semblance of news.

What business do Australian taxpayers have funding that?

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